A Guide for Stylish Men’s Messenger Bags

A Guide for Stylish Men’s Messenger Bags
Believe it or not, the messenger bag has been used for plenty of years, dating back to ancient times when messengers traveled on foot. These days, it’s a popular choice due to its design and functionality. The particular construction of a messenger bag is very useful and can contain and keep fragile items safe, like smartphones, laptops, and other electronic items.

The messenger bag is a nice, trendy, stylish (yet practical) way to carry all of your everyday items in just one package and it comes in both men’s and women’s styles. The best messenger bags for men are available in a wide range of designs and materials.

What will suit you, accordingly, is something that will fit your lifestyle and your personality. All the essentials you need to know about these bags will be discussed in this guide.

Messenger bags acquired their name due to the purpose they serve for bicycle messengers. The bag is a cross-body type and it stays on the user’s hip or lower back when riding a bicycle.

Its design provides the messenger with freedom of movement while allocating the items’ weight in a more comfortable manner. Due to the demands of these bags that will fully contain all of a person’s everyday stuff, and at the same time make access to that stuff easier and keep any vulnerable items safe, the messenger bag was upgraded and thus turned into a fashionable item that merges functionality and style.

This kind of bag is more than just an item to store your things in. It is also a great accessory. The styles and the materials that make a messenger bag can turn it into a stylish statement, rather than just a functional and no-frills piece of equipment. It can complete your look.

Standard bags made from leather are timeless and classy, while sportier models give off a more urban type of cool look.

Messenger Bag Materials

Material is a factor that establishes the purpose, durability, and price of the messenger bag. It should be noted that bags made with natural materials, like leather, offer a more traditional or professional style, while ones made with synthetics reflect more active or urban lifestyles.

Bags made from more distinctive materials, like rubber, offer an inimitable charm for individuals who are after a one-of-a-kind style statement.


If you want something classy and traditional, a leather messenger bag is recommended. This material is believed to be the oldest material employed for making bags.

To this day, this material is sought after because, even if it succumbs to wear, the whole bag still looks good and functions even better. Currently, top choices in leather material include the top-grain and the full-grain kind.

Most experts suggest that the best messenger bags for men are made with top grain and full grain leather because both materials age better than genuine leather.


Another popular choice for bag material is canvas. Canvas is typically made from linen or cotton and is woven in order to make a stronger, thicker fabric.

Because of their structure, messenger bags that are made with this material are often light, yet sturdy. This fabric also gives a casual look, so canvas bags are recommended for laid-back tasks, such as carrying school supplies and books.

The majority of canvas bags are also treated, in order to have water-resistant properties.

Plain canvas is also a good medium to extend your creativity; it is a nice material to paint or dye so, if you are the type who likes personalized items or has an artistic bent, you can go for messenger bags made with canvas.


Nylon bags are made with versatility in mind. Nylon is sturdy and lightweight and it undergoes a special procedure in order to make it tear-resistant.

Nylon’s resourcefulness also enables it to be employed in different places. If you want something fashionable, you can opt for messenger bags made with this kind of material.

Nylon is also naturally waterproof, so you can use it in places with frequent wet and snowy weather conditions. For better water-resistant properties, some nylon bags are treated with vinyl.


Rubber has a similar appearance to genuine leather, however, it has a shinier finish. The item is naturally water-resistant so if you want a bag to use for outdoor activities or rainy locations, you can opt to choose this.

However, rubber is not as stretchable compared with other bag materials and is also prone to high temperatures.

Messenger Bag Buying Tips

All bags undergo a cycle with regards to popularity. When men’s purses were in vogue, you could find them in every department store that sold men’s fashions and accessories.

However, due to the demand for bags that can carry electronic items safely and, at the same time, won’t sacrifice style, messenger bags will not lose their popularity. Messenger bags are extremely practical and convenient, and they are available in a number of styles that cater to different needs.

The answer to longer wear when it comes to this bag is its design and construction. Lots of styles include straps that are placed in various locations on the bag.

It lets the straps rest all over the body. Strong closures meanwhile have to be in place and the stitching and material should be of high quality. Factors like hardware must be fastened securely and should not fall off anytime.

The messenger bag is designed to be a functional item, so it is crucial that it can tolerate everyday usage compared with other kinds of bag.

If you need a bag for use at school or work every day, you can choose a bag that has bigger and more durable straps, plus a wider flap to safeguard its contents from unpredictable weather conditions. Bags that are made from leather or canvas are good for everyday use for work and school.

If you want a travel bag that you can make use of from time to time, you can make do with any material. Look for something that is light, trendy and compact. What you need is something based on your preference.

However, if you want something that will house vulnerable items, you have to look for a model that is cushioned or padded well, in order to keep valuable electronic items safe inside.

It should be waterproof as well and have compartments to keep off items rubbing against each other. Materials that work for this purpose are leather, nylon, and rubber.

Now, if you want something that will only carry a few items, messenger bags that are smaller and more compact in size are also available. These items come in a nice selection of colors and often have stylish designs.

Materials for this kind of messenger bag vary and you can pick one according to your preference.

Remember that a bag with complete hems, ship-shape seams, and well-secured trims are indications of excellent craftsmanship. If you are hunting for the best messenger bags for men, you have to check those factors.

If you are looking for one online, make sure that the shop or seller has a number of images where you can clearly see those details.

It is better to inspect the interior lining of the bag as well, if you’re checking out the merchandise in department stores or boutiques. A plastic lining is waterproof but it might succumb to wear and tear more quickly than bags with a fabric lining.

Plenty of brands fuse durability and water-resistant properties by placing a waterproof plastic liner between the exterior and the interior liner made of fabric. This method guarantees longer wear but it does add to the price and weight of the item.

If the model features a front flap with a 2-point closure, it is more secure than a 1-point closure bag. This is recommended for people who use messenger bags for work, school, or travel.

If you are going to use the bag simply to store food or drink, it will require cleaning occasionally. Bags with leather materials are often resistant to food and drink spills, but bags made with canvas, nylon, and rubber have to be washed or wiped clean.

Bags with adjustable straps are good for bicycle riding or jogging. In order to allocate weight in a balanced way and make carrying the bag more comfortable, it is advised that you pull the strap higher and more securely while doing those activities.

Carrying the bag in a higher position can alleviate back strain and make riding and carrying your items more comfortable.

Messenger Bag Care and Maintenance

You have found your dream messenger bag; now it’s time to take it on your daily trips from home to work or school, or weekend outdoor activities.

You plan to use your canvas and leather messenger bag regularly or from time to time and, in order to lengthen its service, it is wise that you should provide it with the care and maintenance it demands. Keep your bag at its tip-top best with the following suggestions.

  1. As much as you possibly can, try to prevent your bag from coming into contact with dirty surfaces that could tear or damage it. Sure, we cannot totally avoid doing this, especially if we are using our bag every day for work or school. However doing the best you can will enable longer service for your bag and help maintain its appearance.
  1. You can opt to invest in fabric protectors, or items like commercial sealants, for canvas messenger bags and use them by following the product instructions carefully. Before applying it on the whole bag, you can first test the product out on a small, discreet part of the bag.
  1. To get rid of dirt caused by everyday usage, you can use a stiff brush on the bag. This will take care of the dirt without damaging the item.
  1. If you are using a leather bag, you can use a regular leather cleaner and conditioner on it. It must be applied on the item by carefully, following manufacturer’s instructions.
  1. If the leather bag gets soaked, you should remove all of the items inside it and allow the bag to dry thoroughly. If you are in a rush, it is better to use another bag, since using a hair dryer on it can damage the leather material.
  1. For discoloration and stains, blot the stains out with lukewarm water and a soft rag or use a commercial fabric cleaner on it.

Giving your messenger bag the care and maintenance it needs will make it look great and neat at all times and will also lengthen its lifespan. The messenger bag is designed to be chic and functional and, with a little effort, it will maintain its exceptional appearance.

5 Suggested Men’s Messenger Bags

We have discussed what you need to know when it comes to buying quality messenger bags. We now bring you recommendations of bags that have acquired good feedback from their users.

Check out the list and see which of the models will best fit your needs.

Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Bag

The Classic Messenger Bag from Timbuk2 has an upgraded appearance, leading to a more refined and stylish yet functional look. It has a curved air mesh strap pad for maximum comfort and the brand’s innovative Double-Loop CAM buckle, that adjusts fast and gets rid of floppy straps.

It has a waterproof TPU liner and corner wings to prevent water seeping inside.


  • Versatile design means it can be used for casual purposes and for work
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around, even with a heavier load
  • Easy to wear and remove because of the enhanced buckle system
  • Shoulder strap is designed for comfort


  • Internal slash pocket has thin padding and does not have straps or Velcro to secure item
  • No open back pocket
  • Cannot accommodate laptop

Leaper Cross Body Messenger Bag

The Cross Body Messenger Bag from Leaper is a fashionable model that has a vintage feel with quality embellishments, excellent workmanship, and sturdy hardware to produce a classic yet contemporary style that men will readily appreciate. It has lots of pockets, a comfortable, adjustable strap and comes in 2 sizes: medium and large.


  • Has plenty of room to spare
  • Has lots of pockets
  • Can accommodate a laptop
  • Sturdy and sleek
  • Has comfortable and adjustable shoulder strap


  • Side pocket is too narrow

Ibagbar Small Canvas Messenger Bag

The Ibagbar Small Canvas Messenger Bag is made from high-density cotton canvas and PU leather. This is an ultra-sturdy bag that has a good number of pockets and even a small hole with a grommet to allow your headphones or charger through.

It also includes a strap which you can adjust, depending on your comfort and height preferences, and is the ideal bag for traveling, school, the office, and other instances.


  • Made with durable, sturdy cotton canvas
  • Has quality leather zips
  • Lightweight
  • Has comfortable and adjustable shoulder strap
  • Washable
  • Has several pockets
  • Comes with nice price
  • Backed by 1-year warranty


  • Comes in limited color options
  • Not water-resistant
  • Pockets might be too small for some

Berchirly Military Men’s Canvas Messenger Bag

The Berchirly brand produces a lot of bag styles from sports bags to carryalls. Their Military Men’s Canvas Messenger Bag is made with high-quality canvas and it can contain your essentials, from books, smartphones, pens, wallets, down to smaller electronic devices.

It has multiple compartments plus a dependable shoulder strap and leather shoulder pad that makes carrying the bag more practical, comfortable, and convenient.


  • Has consistent color and attractive design
  • Top notch construction with reinforcements in spots that wear easily
  • Has good collection of sizes and colors to suit users
  • Has multiple pocket closures


  • Shoulder strap can be better with slight improvements
  • Interior pocket is too small

Sweetbriar Classic Messenger Bag

The Sweetbriar Classic Messenger Bag provides strong-featured hardiness for all sorts of uses. It has a large main compartment, front pockets plus side pockets that can contain a varying size of water bottles.

It has a suitable handle that is positioned in the top rear for fast and easy carrying, padded shoulder straps with adjustable length and an internal zippered pouch for smaller items. It is made from durable, genuine cotton canvas with metal fixtures.


  • Made from authentic, hardwearing cotton canvas
  • Offers lots of space
  • Can accommodate laptops
  • Has adjustable-length, comfortable shoulder strap
  • Has trendy design
  • Has convenient handle


  • May be prone to staining
  • Does not have enough zippers for closure
  • Does not hold shape satisfactorily


The messenger bag is beneficial for all individuals and men’s messenger bags are items that are not only functional, they can also be as fashionable as the hip clothing that a man wears. It leaves the hands free to do anything and it dangles securely on the user’s body, preventing the possibility of theft or slipping.

If you want the best messenger bags for men, you have to keep in mind a number of factors: materials, colors and the manner in which you will be using the bag.

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