A Short Overview of Men’s Messenger Bags

A Short Overview of Men’s Messenger Bags

Messenger bags that are designed for men are practical items, yet they are fashionable enough to complete your look for the day. They are great gifts to give to the important men in your life; the bags are hip and functional, and they can contain a large number of items without sacrificing their trendy appeal.

The bags are available in a wide range of designs, colors, and materials. Prices range as well; there are both high-end models that can run hundreds and thousands of dollars, and many men’s messenger bags that are priced under $50.

You will not have any problems finding one that will suit your taste and budget since there is a huge selection of messenger bags out there. Don’t get paralyzed by choice, though – I recommend going with your gut on a style of bag that you like.

Some history of men’s messenger bags

Men’s messenger bags came into vogue around 10 years ago, when they became the bag of choice for lots of young male professionals and students. The bags were seen in the hands of commuters all over cities from London to Tokyo.

This style of bag is the choice of many males due to their no-frills design and practicality. This practicality is a key part of their evolution – messenger bags were originally designed for courier use in the olden days. Those who delivered important documents and letters carried these items in the bag. Bike couriers were the first individuals to use the bags in the modern era.

The first messenger bags were made from cotton canvas material and had a waterproof fabric. It is important that the bags were made waterproof so important letters and documents inside the bag were not damaged or affected by rain or snow.

The shoulder strap was generally composed of cotton as well, and the bags closed by means of two straps. The bags also contained a pocket inside for other items. The bags though were not available or sold in stores; they were usually distributed to couriers by a variety of courier companies in New York.

In the 70s and 80s, the main resource for messenger bags was a company called Globe Canvas. Back in the day, messengers were provided with these bags through their employers.

Common messenger bag materials

A majority of messenger bags are composed of light to medium canvas material. These bags are typically affordable and pretty versatile in terms of the range of achievable styles.

A canvas model is also easy to manage, since it can be machine-washed for maintenance and they can be air dried. They are also available in a wide range of designs, colors, fabric patterns, and sizes.

However, these canvas bags are rarely waterproof. There are many available men’s messenger bags of the canvas kind for under $50.

If you want a higher quality and more professional-looking bag, you can opt for a leather messenger bag. Models that are made with the authentic leather are durable and can be passed down from one generation to the next.

They are also available in synthetic leather, full-grain leather, and suede. Typically, genuine leather items are the most expensive, so if you want something that will last you for a time, make sure to invest in a real leather bag.

If you are a vegetarian or a vegan, and cannot commit to leather, you could opt for canvas or “pleather” messenger bags. On the other hand, if you want maximum durability with a high resistance to water and moisture, you can always opt for nylon messenger bags.

Nylon bags will not generally last for a long time, unlike genuine leather, but they are often scratch-resistant and durable. They also happen to be very affordable compared to other bags. Messenger bags that can accommodate laptops are usually made from nylon and other synthetic items, due to their being waterproof.

However, keep in mind that nylon and other similar materials are heat-sensitive. Therefore, when cleaning nylon bags, make sure to set the washing machine to the lowest temperature if you want to keep them longer.

Size and style choice

When it comes to size, you have to consider your height and build. Good messenger bags will suit and adapt to the shape of your body. If you are a tall guy, a larger model will suit you best; however, if you have a slender build, just go for a medium-size bag. They often have adjustable straps that can shorten or lengthen, and adjust where the bag sits on your body. However, the size of the bag itself does not change, so this is something to take into consideration before purchasing.

If you carry weighty items like a laptop or books, choose a messenger bag that’s capable of carrying them. A majority of shops will often recommend bags that can accommodate the size of your laptop. Take measurements! You don’t want to be stuck with a bag too small to carry your daily needs. As previously mentioned, the bags come in a wide selection of sizes, so always choose one that best suits you.

You can find messenger bags in department stores, boutiques, and online stores. Just take in all the important factors—the manner in which you will be using the bag, the material, size, and your budget, and you will not have a hard time choosing one that you love.

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