Berchirly Military Men’s Canvas Messenger Bag Review

Berchirly Military Men's Canvas Messenger Bag Review

Looking to buy a messenger bag for men? Do you want something stylish and functional? You can do so with the Berchirly Military Men’s Canvas Messenger Bag.

Messenger bags are one of the best investments you can make, since they can tote your stuff safely and, at the same time, have a nice, modern appearance that will suit your personality and style. Reviews will make all that selection easier for you so read on and find out more about what the Berchirly Military Men’s Canvas Messenger Bag has to offer.


  • Made with quality heavy-weight cotton canvas
  • Versatile, multi-use messenger bag for both sexes
  • Can be used by teens as school bag
  • Can carry important items from business documents, change of clothes, to a laptop
  • Has fuss-free construction for easier access
  • Has brass buckles for faster locking
  • Designed with metal snap buttons, larger flap, cowhide fasteners ad broad shoulder strap


The Berchirly brand is not that well recognized yet and, at this time, the company does not even have a website. However just because the brand does not have that much internet presence does not mean that they do not produce quality merchandise.

Berchirly manufactures a good number of bag styles, including all-purpose carryalls, belt bags, sports bags and a lot more. Their Military Men Canvas Messenger Bag has actually garnered lots of good feedback from its customers, so this means this product has something good to offer to potential customers.

The Military Men’s Canvas Messenger Bag has an old-style, classic feel to it, like several canvas bag models. One can use it for casual activities or for work. You can also use it as a school bag; high school and college students can easily tote their stuff in it and the bag will hold up.

It comes with 90 percent genuine canvas and also includes 10 percent authentic cow leather for its straps and other fixtures. The bag comes with excellent seams and stitching as well, which speaks for the quality and durability of the product.

This means that you will get longer service out of the bag due to its superior stitching. Furthermore, the bag has been tanned to guarantee that it will maintain its excellent appearance and the color will not fade away easily.

The bag is also quite roomy and it can contain a lot of your essentials. It has 4 external pockets for things you want to access without any fuss. The pockets are convenient and practical, plus it also includes a flap closure for extra security and fewer hassles.

The messenger bag also comes with a comfortable, well-constructed canvas shoulder strap, with a broad, leather shoulder pad to guarantee a balanced distribution of weight. Due to these items, you will have more freedom to increase your options for carrying the bag.

The canvas material is sufficiently thick and appears to be sewn securely with a dense thread. There are several spots that are double-stitched as well, all over the leather corners and around the tops of the pockets.

It is supported in all the proper spots. Its interiors are covered in matching brown and tan fabric. The side and front pockets are lined in the same manner too, although only on the sides facing the front.

Its interior also includes a zip closure that is on hand for use. The bag has spots for pens and has ample amount of space for additional items.

All in all, the bag exhibits striking aesthetics and a uniform color, has a great build with support located in all appropriate spots, has a good range of sizes and colors to please users and features several pocket closures.


Even though the item is being described as a laptop messenger bag by some sellers, the item is not built to protect a laptop. It does not have the padding for it.

While it is capable of fitting a 15-17 inch laptop, it is better if you keep your laptop in a separate case instead of storing it inside the bag.


The Berchirly Military Men’s Canvas Messenger Bag is an excellent buy. It can be used for everyday trips for work or other activities. It has a good price point, is quite roomy, can contain a great number of items and has a nice appearance that will complete your look.

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