Berchirly Small Vintage Cross Body Messenger Bag Review

Berchirly Small Vintage Cross Body Messenger Bag Review

For most men, messenger bags are the way to go. If you want a bag and you want its weight to be carried on one side, or slung low on the back, then a messenger bag is recommended.

Messenger bags are easier to manage—you can slip the strap off or turn the load to the front if you want to sit down. Accessibility is also easy with this bag since it is opened and closed by buckles or Velcro strips.

On the lookout for a messenger bag? Maybe the Berchirly Small Vintage Cross Body Messenger Bag will meet your standards. Learn its pros and cons before your purchase. Here are some of the bag’s important facts.


  • Made from canvas material with top-quality cowhide leather
  • Measures 8.66” x 6.69” x 1.96”
  • Has cross-body and single shoulder design
  • Has strap length of 140 centimeters
  • Can contain items, including wallets, mobile phones, and iPad minis


Messenger bags were used by couriers in days gone by. The courier would tote their deliveries in these bags and transport mail and other important documents to their clients.

These days, messenger bags are popular with professionals and students. They are made into fashionable items and this Berchirly vintage-style messenger bag is one of those chic items you have to check out.

Messenger bags have been upgraded, especially when it comes to form and function. It’s not only a bag where you can put your stuff in, it has also become a trendy accessory.

It can add more punch to your look, and it fits most fashion from sporty, street wear, and more business and proper styles.

The form and size of a messenger bag is the primary reason why many men make the item their bag of choice. Its rectangular or square shape means it can accommodate numerous items, even laptops.

You can place your books, mobile gadgets, wallets or water bottle in bigger messenger bags, while smaller ones are ideal if you want something that can hold a few of your essentials yet keep your hands free.

The Berchirly Small Vintage Cross Body Messenger Bag is made from canvas with cowhide leather material and comes in brown tones. Canvas messenger bags have their fair share of users due to the benefits they provide.

This model combines both advantages of canvas and leather materials. One great benefit of canvas bags is they are so easy to customize; hence, canvas messenger bags are the top picks of the creative crowd. You can personalize it by painting on the bag, embellishing it with pins and patches, or have your friends draw on it.

Furthermore, canvas bags are easy to fold up and are lightweight. But even though the material is light, it’s still durable like this Berchirly model. The Berchirly Small Vintage Messenger Bag is made even more durable with the addition of cowhide material.

The bag has 3 open pockets, with two of them located inside, and one positioned under the flap. The outer flap can be closed by means of Velcro. The strap is securely fastened and can be adjusted.

You can wear the bag as a cross-body bag, but you can also shorten it to transform it into a form of hip pack. One of its great features is the fact that the bag is expandable—it has a zipper all over its borders which can double its capacity.

The quality and the durability of this bag are excellent. Its strap is very secure and well-constructed. Since the bag has a smaller size, it can fit in a few of your chosen essentials or items that you often carry during a regular day.

The bag is also easy to carry and you can swing the item from the side whenever you want to get something out of it. Public transport is not a problem at all as well since you can protect the messenger bag better compared to a bulkier bag.


Canvas bags are not to be overloaded since it can damage the material. Furthermore, it’s not quite as resistant against staining compared to materials like nylon. If you are looking for a messenger bag that can contain an ample amount of items, this one is not for you.


Instead of lugging around a hefty backpack for your essentials, make sure you get an appropriately sized messenger bag like this Berchirly Small Vintage Cross-Body Messenger Bag. The bag has a nice size that can contain a few of your necessities and is quite durable and well-made to boot.

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