The best Backpack for Executives [Top 3 Picks]

This shouldn’t come as a surprise:

The modern businessman’s work is often done outside of the traditional 9-5 workday. Work and home life blend together more than ever.

That’s why it’s important to be able to safely carry your work with you anywhere you go — without looking unprofessional.

In this post, I’m going to give you my list of the best backpack for executives to carry.

No time to read the whole thing? Check out my top pick, the Manhattan by Kenneth Cole Reaction, over on Amazon.

How do you choose the best backpack for executives?

This article will show you three of my favorite choices for the working professional that are available online.

All three backpacks are attractive, comfortable, and functional for busy executives who still want to maintain a professional look when they’re on the go.

Better still, they’ve all been tried and tested, and have received high ratings from owners.

Ready to see the backpacks?

The best business backpack you can buy

Executive-level choice: the Manhattan by Kenneth Cole Reaction

Kenneth Cole Reaction Manhattan Commuter Slim Backpack 16' Laptop Computer & Tablet Travel, Business, Work, School Bookbag, Black, Colombian LeatherThe Manhattan by Kenneth Cole Reaction has everything a busy executive needs, plus a suave design that’s appropriate in any situation

This backpack is designed for the traveling professional, and its RFID scanner blocking can even help protect you against identity theft.

“Checkpoint friendly” EZ scan technology lets you keep your laptop in the bag at TSA security checkpoints, and the self-repairing zippers allow this bag to stand up to wear and tear.


  • Comfortable design
  • Sleek, stylish look
  • Sturdy interior and overall construction
  • Identity theft protection
  • Speedier checkpoints at TSA due to EZ scan compliance


  • Some interior pockets feel stiff due to RFID technology
  • Not a 100% guarantee against identity theft

All in all, this backpack gives you a lot of features for the price.

With the look and feel of a much pricier bag, it’s a worthwhile investment for any businessman who plans to do a lot of traveling.

TSA checkpoints can take time away from your busy schedule, and having to take your laptop out each time can put it at risk of being damaged. This bag helps you avoid that.

With the added identity theft protection, this bag manages to act as an extra security measure for your most sensitive data, like your passport and credit card information.

For the ultimate in comfort, style, durability and peace of mind, this Kenneth Cole backpack is an amazing value.

Check out other user reviews and see the best price on Amazon here.

The Budget Pick: The Business Laptop Backpack by Lukatu

For the up-and-coming businessman who’s looking for a more budget-friendly option as he grows his career, the Business Laptop Backpack by Lukatu has all the organizational ability you need.

The front panel opens fully, allowing easy access. It comes with a padded laptop pocket that fits up to a 15.6” screen size.

There are spaces for a cell phone, pens, a wallet, and paper folders as well as a central pocket. It also comes with a headphone port, so you can listen to your music even when your phone is put away.


  • Affordable
  • Durable nylon
  • 10+ storage compartments
  • Headphone port
  • Padded straps and back for added comfort


  • Doesn’t make much of a statement design-wise

The reviews on this backpack are absolutely raving.

It’s great bang for your buck, and if you’re concerned about price at all, this is the best choice.

For bags in this price range, it’s one of the most functional. 

Check this awesome pick out on Amazon.

The Flashy Pick: Canvas Laptop Backpack by Kopack

kopack Canvas Laptop Backpack USB Charging 15.6 Inch Vintage Retro Genuine Leather College Backpack Laptop BagsBut let’s say you want to make a bit more of a statement. This eye-catching canvas and leather backpack by Kopack is perfect for entrepreneurs and go-getters who want to make an impression.

This backpack stands out from the crowd while staying practical.

The sunglass strap and card pocket will help keep your personal items organized, while the zip-down front organizer can be used for your professional material.

The laptop compartment is 15.6” and fully padded.


  • unique coffee color makes this backpack stand out
  • symmetrical design and brass accents keep it elegant
  • functional for a variety of uses
  • different pouches and pockets help you stay organized
  • padded back and shoulder straps


  • The flashier color scheme might not go with every look
  • Some customers think it’s a bit bulkier than other backpacks

This bag is definitely for people who want to stand out.

I wouldn’t get this one, though, if you prefer a bag that doesn’t draw attention to itself.

Find the best price on Amazon by clicking here.

If you’re still stuck on messenger bags: Leather Messenger Bag by Handmade World

Handmade World Leather Messenger Bag - 16 Inch Briefcase Messenger Bag Brown Leather with Crossbody Shoulder Strap - Great Messenger Bag for Laptops, Business, Travel, or SchoolFor the high level executive, it might be time to try something a bit higher end, like this handmade one by Handmade World is made out of top quality leather with beautiful brass embellishments.

The company employs craftsmen and artisans to create their finely crafted pieces, so even if you refuse to get with the times and get a backpack, you can still carry your laptop in style.

Get the deal done - grab the best backpack for your executive career

Backpacks for Executives? Is such a thing even possible?

Sure it is!

More and more, people’s workplaces are becoming portable, but we can’t just use any bag for business. That portable workplace needs to be easy to carry, functional, and it has to look professional.

Backpacks are more comfortable and versatile than briefcases, and, as you’ll see in this article, they can be just as stylish.

It’s important to get the right kind, though, and to be savvy about form and function. While it’s common for a backpack to do basic stuff like protect your laptop, you don’t want to arrive at a meeting looking like you’re headed to the gym!

The best backpack to buy for an executive

What to look for in an executive backpack

When you’re shopping for a high-quality, professional-looking backpack, a lot of factors are involved.

Rule out the wrong kind of backpacks:

There’s a wider variety of backpacks available for sale now than ever. A lot of them may meet some of your needs, but as a professional it’s important that you get your investment’s worth.

Hiking backpacks, for instance, are the most comfortable on the shoulders because they’re designed to carry heavy loads. They’re also awkward and big, and wouldn’t be suitable to carry in a subway, bus, or cab.

They might look a little silly next to a suit, too, but your laptop would be well protected.

Sporting backpacks are smaller, but often have bright stripes, extra zippers, and a lot of eye-catching details that would clash with professional clothes.

It might be tempting to go with a messenger bag for looks, but they can be tough on the shoulders. After a few hours of carrying even a light load around, you’ll wish you’d bought a bag with two straps.

Executive backpacks - how to choose the best one?

Make sure any backpack you spend your money on is:

  • affordable
  • durable
  • functional
  • stylish

Wrapping it up – get the deal done

Remember: The most important thing to keep in mind when buying a backpack is you! Think about what your needs are as a professional, and go from there.

  • What size is your laptop?
  • How much will you need to carry?
  • Where will you be taking your backpack?

All of these things matter when you’re selecting the right bag for professional use.

My top pick is the Kenneth Cole Manhattan backpack, but all of the bags in this article are great picks.

Regardless of what your needs are, there’s a stylish, affordable backpack out there for you. When you’re shopping for a backpack, treat it like an investment and get your money’s worth.

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