The best gym bags for commuters

Do you need to take your gym gear with you on your commute?

You’re not alone.

You want your gym bag to serve you well, stand out, and say a little something about your unique style. But there are hundreds of styles of gym bag, made with features like wet compartments and hydration systems.

I’ve pulled together a list of 3 best gym bags for commuters of just about every personality type.

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The best gym bag for commuters - what is it?

Best Overall: FocusGear’s Crowdsource Designed Duffel

The Crowdsource Designed 20″ duffel from FocusGear is designed to keep your workout essentials in place and safely stored for the day-to-day workout grind. This bag is made to house just about anything. The company used real reviews of current gym bags and created a duffel that incorporated the advice of the masses.

The gym bags have perfect holders with the capacity to accommodate a 32-ounce water bottle and a protein shaker. The straps and zippers are incredibly durable. It also has mesh walls on the outside, allowing ventilation.

This duffel is suitable for those who appreciate a breathable and durable bag that gets the job done.

Specific features

  • 2 wet pockets
  • Ventilated Wet Pocket
  • Fits one 32oz Water Bottle
  • Inside pocket fits all phones


  • It has an inside pocket that fit all sizes of phones
  • There are two pockets for wet gears
  • It has shoulder straps for easy carrying


  • No laptop sleeve
  • A little too big
  • The strap can be rough on the shoulder


For those who like sturdy material and a crazy amount of compartments, go for this crowdsourced bag. This bag is long-lasting, durable, superior organization, and sleek in design.

Is this the bag for you?

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Best for Women: Adidas Team Speed Small Duffel Bag

adidas Unisex Team Speed Small Duffel, Intense Pink, ONE SIZE

This Adidas Team Speed Small duffel gym bag gives you more than enough space to pack all your training gear.

Like other Adidas gym bags, this is designed to meet all the qualifications of a regular gym bag.

It has a smart look, good capacity, and well-organized packing system. The mesh drop pocket is great for additional storage if you need it.

It also has a removable and adjustable shoulder strap, wrapped hauling handles, and padded air mesh shoulder pad for comfortable carrying. Another feature of this bag is that it’s climate-proof, meaning it keeps your gear dry in wet conditions.

Specific Features:

  • Dual top handles
  • Zip top closure
  • 100% polyester material
  • Detachable and adjustable shoulder strap


  • Comfortable strap for holding
  • Waterproof and climate-proof
  • They come in excellent shape and colors
  • Adjustable shoulder strap to fit every size of the carrier


  • Not as many pockets
  • Smaller than some other options


This bag is specially designed to meet the requirement of those customers who want both utility and style. It is suitable for any athlete who needs to pack and carry their gear comfortably.

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Budget Alternative: Kuston Sports Gym Bag with Shoe Compartment

Another great find for those on a smaller budget is the Sports Gym Bag from Kuston.

Made from high-quality oxford fabric, this bag is lightweight, durable and waterproof. There is a mesh side pocket for items you want to keep within your reach.

This gym bag has many different compartments, and this is helpful when you’re looking to store items securely.

The shoulder straps are adjustable, the bag zips, and the bag even has dual carry handles for easy transportation. It also has good ventilation that will keep your clothes and shoes from smelling too much like the gym.

Specific Features:

  • Adjustable strap
  • High-quality oxford fabric
  • Shoe compartment
  • Internal pocket for wallet, keys or cell phone


  • Excellent storage space
  • It is a waterproof gym bag
  • Have multiple pockets for better storage


  • The straps aren’t as durable as other options


This bag is suitable for both the athlete and the traveler because it has all the packing space you’ll need.

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What's the best gym bag for commuters?

Evaluating the best Gym Bag for Commuters

When picking a gym bag, you’ll want to consider the style that you prefer as well as what workouts you’ll use it for.

In this section, I am going to explain few things that make a good gym bag.

1. Material

Gym bags are made from many materials. Gym bags made from leather and fabric material are very durable and can withstand a lot of use, but the most favored material when it comes to fitness bag is polyester.

This is because companies will blend their polyester material with nylon to make it lightweight, tear-resistant,and waterproof.

2. Straps

For comfort reasons, a good gym bag should have some padding on the straps.

In addition, it’s nice when the bag straps are adjustable. This allows easy maneuvering of the shoulder strap to fit your height best.

3. Cost

Just because a bag is expensive, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best quality and vice versa.  Take your time, read product specs, and do your research. It’s best to look for the right balance between value and quality.

4. Size

Gym bags vary significantly in size depending on the brand you choose. When choosing a bag, it is important to pay attention to the bag’s size and consider what kinds of gear you’ll need to pack.

It’s usually best to opt for a compact bag that you can easily carry and that will fit all of your needs.

5. Compartments

We throw our dirty workout clothes or shoes in our gym bags. Because of this, you may want to go with a gym bag that has a compartment specifically for shoes and dirty clothes.

A good gym bag must have plenty of pockets and compartments to store valuables and necessities.

Choosing the right gym bag requires careful consideration.

To help you make the right decision, I’ve browsed the Internet and search for top performing gym bags on the market that will comfortably fit your workout essentials gear.

Searching for the best commute gym bag


Choosing the best gym bag that will comply with your storage needs can be challenging with the number of types and styles out there. Hence, knowing what you need first is crucial in selecting the right gym bag.

If you have recommendations on any of the bag featured in this post, please comment below!

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