The best men’s everyday boots [Buyer’s Guide]

Do you hate choosing boots?

I get it – the right everyday boots for men can be a challenge to find.

Usually, I talk about things that you carry. In this post, I’ll discuss things that carry you, and help you find the perfect pair of boots.

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Choosing the best men's everyday boots

As you can see, a great pair of stylish and comfortable everyday boots should be in every man’s wardrobe.

Stay tuned to find out why.

Where do boots fit into your wardrobe?

I’ve found that owning a good pair or two of versatile boots is beneficial in several different ways.

I can wear my boots just about anywhere I go from a social gathering to a business meeting and still feel stylish and comfortable. The ability to wear my boots to such a wide range of occasions is one of the biggest perks for me because it makes getting ready to go out that much easier.

My biggest problem when I was shopping around for my first pair of everyday boots was figuring out which brand was going to offer the biggest bang for my buck. There were so many different brands to choose from.

It seemed like each one of them offered different features at different prices.

I worked hard to narrow it down for you, though.


My top pairs of everyday boots for men

Overall best men’s everyday boot: Red Wing Heritage Iron Ranger Boot

The Red Wing Iron Ranger was the first on my list that I wanted to check out, simply because of the company’s long-standing reputation for making high-quality products.

That same standard of quality is easy to feel when wearing these awesome boots. They fit snugly and comfortably right out of the box and they look amazing. Just look at these things – they are extremely masculine and rugged.

Some users seem to think that these particular boots are a bit stiff and uncomfortable, with very little arch support. Many others (the overwhelming majority) don’t find this to be true.

In fact, these boots often feel comfortable enough that they did not really need to be broken in like other boots. The Iron Rangers were a little bit pricier compared to other boots, but I feel like they’re the kind of boots that any purchaser will keep for a long, long time.

What’s great about boots like this is that the longer you wear them, the better they look. They also come in 4 different colors, depending on your personal style. I prefer the copper color, though.

You can see more reviews of these excellent boots by clicking here, or just jump straight to Amazon to find the best price and the available sizes.

Best for casual wear: Chippewa Men’s Rugged Lace-Up Boot

Before checking out the Chippewa Rugged Lace-Up Boot, I had heard great things about these boots. I also saw that the Chippewa Boot Company had been making boots for well over 100 years, so you gotta figure they must be doing something right.

I wasn’t wrong.

The first thing you’ll notice about these boots was the high level of quality in their construction. It’s obvious these boots were crafted with high-quality leather that will be able to hold together for years of use.

One great feature, besides the amazing comfort, about these boots is the natural worn look they are given that adds that little extra flair of unique style.

The downside to these particular boots was that the insole they came with can make the sizing a little difficult. This is a problem that’s been noted by other buyers as well. One simple solution is to take out the included insert, and just run out and pick up a few different insoles until you find the one that works best for you.

Once that’s settled, you’ll feel at home in these great boots, though I wouldn’t bring them to more formal occasions like business meetings. They give off more of a casual vibe, but are super stylish and sexy nonetheless.

Check out these boots and the available sizes over on Amazon now.

Best for business casual: Wolverine 1000 Mile Men’s Boot

The Wolverine 1000 Mile Men’s Boot also made the cut because Wolverine is known for their handmade products crafted and made in the USA.

The quality and craftsmanship for the Wolverine 1000 Mile Boot are comparable to the same quality as the previous two.

The greatest feature about these boots is their visual appeal in addition to comfort. Their sleek and stylish appearance makes them great for business or even business-casual attire occasions.

The main drawback to these particular boots is that some users have found that the quality was not up to par. Users have had problems with lace rings bending; however, subpar quality issues aren’t a guarantee and you’ll most likely be fine. Plus, Wolverine’s warranty will most likely take care of any defects in the boots if they arise.

This boot does have less tread than other boots, so it can make for an exciting walk across slippery surfaces as opposed to other boots. As I said, they’re more for business casual than for walking the trail.

Want a pair for yourself? Check them out on Amazon by clicking here.

Finding the best everyday boots for your wardrobe

What to look for in a great pair of everyday boots

There are so many different brands that offer a variety of features and all at different price points. Some of the more reputable and mainstream brands like Red Wing, Wolverine, and Chippewa are typically a safer bet for the most part.

They’re popular for a reason.

Even after you choose a brand, you need to keep in mind which features are more important to you. Features can range from brand to brand, so here are a some that I always consider when purchasing:

  • Comfort
  • Appeal
  • Quality
  • Price

When I first researched which features were going to matter the most, I went through hundreds of user reviews and I also went to websites like the Mayo Clinic to find out more before I made my decision.

The best everyday boots for men - how to pick them

One of the most important features of an everyday boot for men is a good insole. This is a huge part of the comfort factor in a boot.

A great insole is important because it is the part of the boot that provides the most comfort and support for the arch of our feet.

Through additional research, I was also able to decide that the second most important thing to know is about size. You also need a good toe box, for that extra toe room.

Determining the size of a particular boot is important because most people’s boot size is not the same as their shoe size for some brands.

The last important feature, but definitely not least, was the overall quality of the material from which the boot was made. This often comes down to the brand’s reputation for quality, their warranty, and the specific material they use in the boot’s construction.

Here’s some more tips on buying great boots by AlphaM:

These boots were made for walkin’

Hopefully you found a great boot that you can count on for everyday use.

Like I said before, the Redwing Iron Rangers are my top pick for men. There’s something about that particular look in that deep copper color that I can’t resist.

As with all high-quality leather items, you need to keep them clean and well cared for. Check out my leather care guide here for more info on keeping them looking great forever.

Got another favorite brand of everyday boot? Post it in the comments!

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