Best Men’s Style Fashion Blogs of 2017 – Our Picks

In this post, I’ve collected some of the best men’s style blogs of the year into one place. Want to know who you should be following to stay at the top of your fashion game?

Here they are:



No list of men’s fashion bloggers would be complete without arguably the most successful of them all: Bryanboy. This blog was started by Filipino based Bryan Grey Yambao who actually started in web development. Back in 2007, ten years ago, he won the Philippine Blog Award for Best Fashion & Lifestyle Blog. He includes witty, funny commentary on fashion and has a signature pose, too. He currently flies around the world attending 2018 fashion shows like Prada and Valentino.


Isaac Likes

Checkered pants, New Zealand accent, and a fun, open style, Isaac Likes is run by Isaac Hindin-Miller. His blog is already nine years old, having begun in 2008 when blogging was barely a thing in his home country. With the mantra, “Don’t be fluffy,” he soon set off for Paris to cover a men’s collection and has been following and showcasing fashion ever since. Now a happy New Yorker, he blogs not only everything fashion, but everything lifestyle, too.


Trend Styled

An urban and quirky casual style sets Trend Styled apart. This blog is run by Texas born and New York City / Los Angeles dweller Saul Carrasco. He wants to “capture the lifestyle of the new modern guy,” and shows a variety of looks from suits to urban upgraded streetwear. Saul has partnered with famous brands like Luminox to showcase items on his site, and he has a personal affinity for all things outer space. His personality gives his posts a sense of knowledgeable friendliness, as if the most stylish guy you know decided to take you on a personal tour. In essence, that’s what makes Saul’s blog one of the best.


Your Mirror Style

This blog has more of a magazine layout, professionally photographed and curated by the impeccably elegant Lorenzo Liverani. He sees fashion as a something that “compliments and emphasizes their true character,” and values authenticity. Your Mirror Style has been around since October 2012, and it emphasizes style over trends and class over fads. It’s more than just fashion here, though – you can read about travel and lifestyle and travel and design. Both the blog and Lorenzo have been featured in magazines around the world.


Joey London

Joey brings his personality to his fashion blog, and he’s well on his way to becoming one of the premiere male influencers of style. He’s always been creative and loves creating “really cool imagery” around all things fashion, travel, and fitness. He started out on YouTube back in 2012, then began his blog urging others to balance fashion experimentation with basic pieces like white trainer sneakers. For him, the absolute necessities in a man’s wardrobe are a good pair of boots and a quality coat. Good for that London weather!


Zack Tanck

Channeling both new and retro California vibes, Zack Tanck is tan, blond, and fashion forward. He embodies the Los Angeles beach casual vibe upgraded with modern sunglasses and neon prints. For those readers looking to dress like they’re on vacation, his style is both effortless and on point. He was featured as one of the WhoWhatWear’s “14 Male Bloggers Whose Style You’ll Actually Want to Copy,” and has been on other fashion blog lists. His blog’s motto is “Style / Creativity / Inspiration.”


Street Etiquette

Two multi-talented men, Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs, run the ultra-modern, hip, and edgy Street Etiquette blog. They’ve turned it into an entire lifestyle, offering services like brand consultation, product placement, lookbook curation, and trend analysis. They represent a ‘who’s who’ of clients like Adidas and Starbucks, and have managed, since 2008, to obtain great cultural success as movers and shakers in the entire lifestyle arena, not just fashion. The blog itself is minimalist cool, in the best sense, verging on art with its simple but powerful portraits and photography. They also show short films.


Off the Cuff

The difference between clothes and fashion is in the details, and the Off the Cuff blog understands that perfectly. Their blog posts offer classically elegant advice on purchasing and using those details, like tote bags, money clips, the navy blazer, and triple stitched denim. Chris Hogan started the blog in 2006 to show that “classic style and modern life are not only compatible, but made for each other.” He is adept at telling brand stories about classic menswear.


Fresher Than Chris

Back in 2009, Chris Law discovered an untapped niche in the men’s fashion world – everyday classy, fresh looks that didn’t cost a fortune. Thus, he started Fresher Than Chris, which he calls a “fashion edutatainment experience.” Blending style, entertainment, and education, he wants men to be fresh. The looks are urban updated, taking basic streetwear into a whole new classy, almost elegant space. Baseball hats and blazers, tailored coats with fitted sweatpants. Chris works as a supreme stylist of the streets.


Kate Loves Me

With the headline, “Be the Most Authentic Person You Can Be,” Pelayo Diaz’s fashion blog Kate Loves Me showcases not only his love for fashion, but the goings-on in his life, since he also talks about his TV show he’s doing. He began the blog ten years ago, back in 2007, after a career that included working at fashion houses like Giles Deacon and Alexander McQueen. Pelayo lives, blogs, and works in Madrid, Spain. This blog has been called by The Times Magazine as one of the 40 most influential in the world.


My Belonging

If you want to know where the Millennial fashion trend is going, check out My Belonging. Tommy Lei, founder and principal storyteller balances both East and West Coast sensibilities. His look is understated, unisex, and androgynous, the kinds of clothes that look good on anyone but also add that personal unique touch. By showing more than just fashion, Tommy is “Styletelling” – merging style and personal identity through visuals.


Know any other great men’s fashion blogs? Leave them in the comments!

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