The best Photography & Camera Backpack [Top Reviews!]

Sad but true:

When we think of a camera bag, the first thing that often comes to mind is something bulky and unattractive.

Photographers usually settle for very practical, but very dull-looking bags.

For those who want to look put-together on a shoot – there is a way!

This article contains 3 excellent choices for the modern photographer who wants to keep their image up-to-date while creating cutting-edge images.

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What's the best camera backpack?

Best Premier Camera Backpack: the Peak Design Everyday Backpack 20L

Peak Design Everyday Backpack 20L (Black Camera Bag)

Budding or seasoned photographers will love this stylish, versatile camera bag by Peak Design. With several interior pockets and organizers, this is perfect for keeping multiple pieces of equip-ment separate and safe.

One of the cooler looking camera backpacks out there, this bag is a great pick for photographers who need to enter more formal spaces but stay functional.

Its simple design is understated and professional. It’s got great angles, as you can see in the photo above.

This high-capacity backpack is deceptively small. Inside, its spacious design lets you take up to 6 spare lenses with you, and comes with a laptop sleeve for on-the-go editing.

It’s got a ton of storage and compartments, that makes it great for everyday use with or without your camera equipment!


  • Sleek, smooth design
  • Stylish black, grey, and other colors
  • Comfortable shoulder straps
  • 16” laptop sleeve in case you need to boot up Lightroom on the go
  • Built-in expansion available
  • Holds 2 DSLR Bodies and up to 6 lenses


  • Not suitable for larger pieces of photography equipment such as tripods
  • Not waterproof (but not many bags are – but check out the next bag for one that is)

For style-conscious photographers, this elegant grey bag is the perfect balance of chic and practical.

The long lines of the design and classic black or grey color always looks up to date. The many interior pockets make this sleek backpack suitable for a variety of small to medium photography equipment.

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Watch the video below for a TON of info on the Peak Design Everyday Backpack, as well, straight from Peak:

Best Mid-Range Choice: BAGSMART’s SLR/DSLR Camera Backpack

BAGSMART Camera Backpack for SLR/DSLR Cameras & 15' Laptop with Waterproof Rain Cover & Tripod Holder, Grey

BAGSMART’s classic grey camera backpack is a great mixture of value and usability.

With a flexible interior compartment, this bag can be easily converted from a camera bag into a typical backpack and back again.

If the last pick didn’t include enough accessory compartments and features, this might be the best choice.

For the more active photographer, this bag comes with a strap on the side for carrying a tripod hands-free. It’s also got a handy waterproof rain cover for outdoor shooting.


  • Comes with a tripod side strap
  • Several visible and hidden pockets
  • Padded spaces for one DSLRs with 3-4 lenses
  • Laptop compartment
  • Comes with a waterproof rain cover
  • Super comfortable to carry


  • Snap buttons on the outer straps aren’t as durable as buckles

With the multiple accessories such as the tripod side strap and waterproof rain cover, this bag never neglects function for form.

Photographers can rest assured that their camera is safe while they make a bold fashion statement.

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Best Value Choice: Peacechaos Canvas and Leather Camera Messenger Bag

Peacechaos Men's Canvas Camera Bag Leather DSLR SLR Camera Case Vintage Camera Messenger Bag Shoulder Bag Sling Bag

Made by Peacechaos, this canvas and leather messenger bag is a trendy, practical camera bag for bargain price.

It’s available in a variety of neutral colors, and the leather accents stand out from traditional camera bags. I love the grey one pictured above, though.

The cool retro shape and design helps set this bag apart, but it’s just as versatile as many fancier camera bags and backpacks.

The removable padded insert gives this bag an extra layer of pro-tection for your most delicate equipment, and the thick shoulder strap helps you carry it comfortably with you.

Though it has space for up to 2 extra lenses, the basic shape of this bag means it can be used for a variety of purposes.

Some customers report using this bag for multiple, very different events in the same day – it’s a real multitasker!


  • Fits up to 2 extra lenses
  • Lightweight design with adjustable shoulder strap
  • Cool leather accents and brass accessories
  • Thick inner insert to protect equipment
  • Comes in grey, dark grey, brown, army green, coffee, light coffee, and carbonarius
  • Not immediately recognizable as a camera bag, so it can go with you everywhere


  • Shallower front pockets than backpack-style camera bags

For photographers who might want a slightly less conspicuous camera bag (after all, who needs to advertise what you have in there?), this messenger-style camera bag is a great fit.

This one allows you to slip easily between high-demand events and back into any professional or casual setting.

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Picking a great backpack for your camera and photography

Choosing a great camera backpack [Buyer’s Guide]

Let’s face it:

There are so many backpacks out there, it’s hard to know what to pick for your photography work. Whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist, you want your bag to both look great and be functional.

Here’s the bad news:

Unfortunately, many of the bags that look more stylish wouldn’t work for a seasoned photographer. Sure, there are plenty of fashion backpacks that may look great, but how many of them do you trust your equipment in?

You really need something specifically for photographers.

Unlike a backpack or briefcase, a camera bag isn’t something you can use unless it has every feature you need. Every item needs to have a designated space, and delicate equipment needs to be well-protected.

What's the best photography backpack to buy?

Before getting a camera bag, every photographer will need to figure out:

  • exactly what equipment they’ll be carrying
  • how delicate that equipment is
  • what conditions they typically shoot in

For instance, if you aren’t taking extra lenses with you and you tend to do your editing at home, you won’t need as much padding around your equipment as a photographer who’s packing multiple lenses or taking a laptop.

If you’re shooting in a rapidly-changing environment, like an event with many guests or with difficult weather, you’ll need something more rugged.

Once you factor in all the technical needs for a camera bag, it can be hard to find one that looks good.

Thankfully, it’s not only models who get to look fashionable. There are plenty of choices available that combine style and functionality in a perfect way.

The 3 bags I chose above all fit the bill.

Best photography backpack - my top picks

A few final words

Though function is always been a concern with a camera bag, you don’t have to sacrifice style just to make sure your gear is well protected.

As a professional in one of the most versatile fields, it’s best to choose a bag that you can take anywhere.

Think chic, classic, and classy.

After all, photographers may end up shooting on the red carpet and a rowdy concert in the same week, and you shouldn’t need a new bag for every gig.

These 3 bags are versatile, smart, and stand up to the demands of professional equipment.

Got another idea? Post it in the comments below!

Going out on a shoot? Check out this video on packing your back for the road:

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