The best teacher tote bags [Teach with style!]

Everyone knows it:

Teachers are a busy breed, juggling between leisure and work in the blink of an eye.

Because of that, a great teacher’s bag has to serve several purposes.

To name only two, first, you need it to function as a personal handbag. Second, you need it to be able to carry all those work-related items like laptops, notebooks, and copious amounts of homework to be marked at home!

In this post, I’ll walk you through my top teacher tote bag choices, and discuss the things you need to keep in mind when picking one.

Class is in session!

Best tote bag for teachers

Best Teacher’s Tote Bags Reviewed 

Top Tote Bag for Teachers: Aquilla (New Edition) Tote Bag 

The Aquila Tote Bag by White Elm | Work Bag for Women | Canvas & Vegan Leather | Fits up to 17.3' Laptop | Built-in Pockets for Organization (Black Stripe)


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Available in 5 designs, this bag boasts 7 pockets, adjustable (and removable!) vegan leather strap and top zipper closure. The advantage of this Aquilla (New Edition) Tote Bag is that it can carry up to a 17.3” laptop. 

While this bag maybe a little more expensive, it can handle holding everything you could possibly need during your working day. The only disadvantage of this bag would be the aftercare instructions. The manufacturer recommends that you apply 2 coats of Scotchguard to the canvas before use. 

When it comes to general cleaning, you cannot scrub the colored parts of the canvas or submerge the bag in water. In fact, they recommend a professional cleaner for difficult stains. 

Despite this, this is a spacious and durable option which will help you keep organized and still look stylish should you need to take it with you when meeting friends.

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Best Budget Tote for Teachers: Dalix 23” Premium 24 oz Cotton Canvas Tote

DALIX 23' Premium 24 oz. Cotton Canvas Shopping Tote Black Star


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This Dalix 23” Premium 24 oz Cotton Canvas Tote is an excellent choice for those on a tighter budget. The bag is available in 11 different patterns and colors. As far as pockets go, it has only one outer pocket, but does offer 12” drop handles, and a top closing zipper. 

All the available designs it comes in, allow this bag to double up as a lovely personal handbag, great for nipping to the shops or going to the beach. 

It’s big, of high quality and lasts a long time. For those looking for a budget option, this is the bag for you!

You can read more about this product, including real user reviews, over to Amazon.

Best Affordable Teacher Shoulder Bag: Kroser Laptop Bag 15.6” laptop Bag

KROSER Laptop Bag 15.6 Inch Laptop Briefcase Laptop Messenger Bag Water Repellent Computer Case Laptop Shoulder Bag Durable Tablet Sleeve with RFID Pockets for Business/College/Women/Men-Black/Blue


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This Kroser Laptop Bag 15.6” laptop Bag can be carried by hand and worn over the shoulder. The shoulder strap is detachable. The handle grips are very comfortable, which is important should your bag be heavy. 

This is a great choice as far as organization and storage go, with ample compartments to hold anything from pens to your tablet. 

One great feature of this item is that it has a luggage belt so you can slide it on to your suitcase handle if you want to take it with you when traveling – a perfect item to double up as a flight carry-on bag.

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What's a good tote bag for a teacher to use?

Do you really need a Teacher’s Tote bag?

In short, yes.

Deadlines are par for the course for any teacher. Having a bag that will keep you organized, and that can be used in your personal life will make your days much easier and relaxed.

In the following section, I’ve put together a short buyer’s guide for your tote bag for school.

What to look for in a Teacher’s Tote Bag?

There are a lot of bags to choose from on the market. To assist you, consider the factors before you start looking for the bag you need. These are factors buyers can often overlook.

What’s your climate?

You need your contents to remain dry.

If your days are spent in the Pacific NW, then opt for a waterproof bag. Irrespective of where you reside, you don’t want your laptop getting wet in rain showers, so choose a bag that has a top zipper and avoid any potential water damage.

How many compartments?

Your job means you need to be organized.

Go for something that has easy access to pens and folders. Some bags have multiple pockets allowing for such segregation, including a pocket for your mobile phone.

Make your life easier and don’t waste time in lessons rummaging around in the bottom of your bag searching for a pen!

Stable design

There are a lot of snazzy-looking bags out there – a few at extortionate prices.

A major flaw with some of these bags is that they don’t sit comfortably on a surface when they have all your contents in.

Look carefully at the pictures or the actual bag and select a bag with a flat-bottom base that won’t spill out your personal items, or the answers to the next exam in front of those prying student eyes!

Make it easy to carry

Some bags are designed to be carried on the shoulder, while others are only meant to be carried around by hand.

Shoulder carriers are a good option.

This will leave your hands available for those students chasing you for your signature or last-minute marking adjustments.

Material is important

Some academic forums have a dress code.

First, you must take that into account. Second, you should consider the durability of the bag.

It’s a common misconception that a leather Teacher’s Tote bag will be the most durable. But think of it this way: every day, your bag will be weighty, the weight being felt mainly by the handles.

Handles are the first thing to go – even with a leather bag. Nylon, cotton, canvas or polyester carriers actually last much longer. They are constructed to handle everyday use.

Also, pen marks are easier to clean on these bags as opposed to leather ones, especially leather bags with a highly grooved surface. 


Wheels are great for moving heavier items about. So they could be an excellent choice for you.

But don’t forget about stairs – this could be a problem. If your journey means that you will need to climb stairs regularly, bear in mind how hard that will be holding a heavily-weighted, wheeled case.


There are many different bags out there to choose from. The ones we have reviewed would most likely appeal to a wide-ranging audience, but this demonstrates that whatever your requirements are, there is a Teacher’s Tote Bag out for you!

Think about your own personal needs before you make your purchase. Consider the factors we mention here, namely the material it’s made of, its mobility, how easy it is to carry, the stability of its design and pockets. This will help you narrow down your search for the best Teacher’s Tote bag that suits you.

We hope this guide helps you pick the bag that will make your teaching easier and keep you looking stylish!


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