Choosing nice messenger bags for work

The purpose of a messenger bag for work is to allow you to carry all of the essentials that you need for the day between your home and the office. The bag has to be large enough to hold all of your equipment and paperwork, but it also has to be stylish enough to match your persona.

Choosing a messenger bag that ticks all of the boxes can be hard. However, we know what makes a good messenger bag for work. Here are three of the best choices on the market right now.

Ecosusi Leather Briefcase/Messenger Bag

The first messenger bag to kick off our list of the best messenger bags for work is one for the ladies. The Ecosusi is a vintage looking crossbody messenger bag that is spacious, comfortable to wear and made from a high quality PU leather. Let’s jump into some specifics.


  • Material: PU Leather
  • Size: 14.8” (Length) x 10.6” (Height) x 4” (Width)
  • Adjustable shoulder strap from 20” to 55”
  • Closes with a flap top and is secured with magnets
  • 1 large compartment (built-in padded compartment for 14” laptop)
  • 2 smaller slip compartments
  • 1 zippered compartment
  • Can transform from a briefcase to a shoulder bag


  • It’s made from a high quality PU leather that is strong and durable.
  • The adjustable shoulder strap gives you the ability to wear the bag however you choose.
  • The magnet closures are strong and keep everything safe and secure.
  • It’s available in 4 different colors (Brown, black, blue, red).
  • The built-in padded compartment can hold a laptop up to 14”.
  • It has a cool, vintage design with a feminine touch.


  • A 14” laptop will add a lot of bulk to the bag and won’t leave much room for other things.


Leather messenger bags have a tendency to look plain, masculine and rugged, where as messenger bags that are designed specifically for women tend to be overly feminine and not very professional. The EcoSusi strikes the perfect balance, providing a beautiful messenger bag that is quite clearly made for ladies, but without compromising any of its professionalism.

Berchirly Vintage Military Messenger Bag

Next on the list we have a messenger bag for the guys. We are moving away from the traditional leather messenger bag for this one and focusing more on a military style bag. If space is important to you, this canvas messenger bag from Birchirly will provide you with all of the space that you require without being too bulky to the point where it becomes a burden to carry.


  • Material: 90% Canvas, 10% Leather
  • Available in 3 different sizes (Medium, Large, X-Large)
  • The X-Large version can hold a laptop up to 17”
  • One main compartment
  • Four outside pockets
  • One smaller inside pocket
  • Eco-friendly


  • The canvas material is extremely rugged, allowing you to carry anything without fear of the bag giving out. The leather accents are made from genuine cowhide leather.
  • The three different sizes allow you to choose the size that is ideal for your requirements.
  • The larger bag can hold any laptop up to 17”, which is rare for a messenger bag.
  • It has a cool, military design that is available in 6 different colors.


  • Canvas has a tendency to get dirty quicker than other materials.


The Berchirly is stylish, functional and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Of course, leather messenger bags are usually the go-to choice for working professionals who need a messenger bag or briefcase for work, but for the more fashion-conscious individuals who want to break the mould a little bit, this bag offers the perfect opportunity.

Kenox Multi-Function Shoulder Messenger Bag

Sticking with the canvas military theme, the final messenger bag on our list is the Kenox multi-function mens messenger bag. The reason we have decided to feature the Kenox is not only because if its incredible price point, but also the fact that it’s a multi-function bag that can not only carry all of your essentials, but allow you to store them efficiently and neatly for ease of access.


  • Material: Canvas
  • Size: 9” (Length) x 11” (Height) x 5” (Width)
  • Contains 9 useful pockets
  • 2 main zipped pockets
  • 1 back zipped pocket
  • 1 inner pocket (fits a 10” tablet)
  • 2 front zipped pockets


  • The 9 individual pockets make storing your phone, keys, ipod, paperwork, wallet and everything else effortless. No more rooting around in your bag trying to find the thing you are looking for.
  • It’s modern, stylish and available in 2 different colors.
  • It’s surprisingly cheap.


  • It’s on the smaller side. Don’t expect to fit a laptop in here.
  • It’s made from canvas which again, has a tendency to pick up dirt more easily than leather.


If you are looking for something compact, lightweight and extremely functional, the Kenox is definitely the bag for you. The individual compartments are a blessing if you like to keep everything organised. It’s smaller than the other bags on this list, but it’s functional and that’s all that matters.


Messenger bags are fashionable and the “in thing” nowadays. The sheer amount of choice that is available on the market is making it harder and harder to choose the best men’s messenger bag.

We’re looking for one that not only looks great, but performs as a bag like it should do.

The three bags that we have looked at here today are all stylish, functional, easy on the wallet and are extremely well-built.

For the ladies, we obviously recommend the EcoSusie, but for the guys, the choice between the Berchily and the Kenox is simply a matter of compromise. If you want something with more space but less functionality, go with the Berchily. If you want something small, compact but packed full of unique pockets and compartment, go with the Kenox. Whichever bag you decide to go with, we know you will not be disappointed.

Looking for more tips on style for the workplace? Check out this video from AlphaM below!

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