Different Men’s Messenger Bag Styles

Different Men’s Messenger Bag Styles

Messenger bags acquired their name from their use by bike messengers and other couriers. The bag is slung over the shoulder and worn on the lower back or the hip of the user when biking. It provides messengers with freedom of movement and a more balanced distribution of weight appropriate for their line of work.

These bags also provide the same benefits for other individuals; hence, it has become the most popular bag choice for many professionals and students. Today, there are many men’s messenger bag brands and styles to choose from and you will not have a hard time selecting one that you like.

The messenger bag is more than just an item that will store all of your stuff—it is also considered an accessory that can complete your look. It is a fashionable piece, and even high-fashion brands have embraced them and added this type of bag to their lines.

These bags are a merging of great looking materials and fashion-forward styles, so they function as both a chic and utilitarian article. Messenger bags that are made with leather provide a classic, professional touch, while those made of nylon offer a rugged, outdoorsy feel, or a more street-smart vibe.

Here are some men’s messenger bag styles that are popular with consumers right now.


The active messenger bag style is usually available in a range of bright colors and is usually made from lighter materials which make them ideal for sporty activities like cycling or jogging. The bag often matches an athlete’s outfit or a workout-type wardrobe.

The sportier line of messenger bags at times stray from the common rectangular form of the classic messenger bag; because they are made from lightweight materials, they often have a drooping shape that resembles that of a typical athletic type of bag.

Bags meant for an active lifestyle might not contain sufficient space for bigger items like notebooks and laptops; however, it will generally have ample room to contain at least one book or a mobile phone.

The front flap might have a zip compartment that provides more space to the bag. These bags are often smaller compared to traditional messenger bags, since they have a different usage focus.


For a number of guys, convenience is the prime factor they look for in a messenger bag. Commuting to the office or school? A bag with lots of space that can contain all of their everyday essentials is a keeper.

Larger nylon or canvas bags with many pockets for small electronic gadgets are useful for students. Canvas bags that are bigger might turn heavier when completely filled with papers and books; thus, search for a model with a wider strap that can be easily adjusted. For durability, look for a model that has metal fittings fastened at the corners, to make sure that it can hold up to heavy usage.


Messenger bags that are fashioned after other bags, like briefcases, are recommended for the office in lots of different industries. Classy, professional messenger bags are usually made from leather material; the leather must be plain and it should not have a shiny feel to it, nor have a suede-like appearance. The cool thing about leather is that wear and tear makes the bag look even better – that lived-in look shows that you’re using the bag for serious business.

These professional messenger bags can also include metal fixtures; gold clasps and brass fittings match bags with earthy neutrals, while chrome and brushed nickel accents complement black messenger bags. High-end men’s messenger bag brands often have wide selections of leather models in their collections, often in a variety of colors.

These bags come in rectangular and square shapes, and larger models often have a handle so they can also be carried like a briefcase in addition to being slung over the shoulder. You can quickly transition from commute to court room, if needed!

For added security, there are many models that can be locked up, as well.

Tailored models can serve as an overnight carrier for traveling, and most of them feature sectioned-off compartments so you can fully organize the items that you carry on a business trip, from documents to toiletries. Many feature zippers to keep those items from spilling out.

Trendy and unique

Trendy and unique bags are for the adventurous and creative spirit. A majority of these messenger bags are made from canvas, so users can personalize the bag.

Plain canvas messenger bags can be painted on or embellished with patches or pins to show your creativity and allow your personality to show through. They are not suitable for a more formal environment like the office, but they can be a good bag to have for weekend trips.


Look for men’s messenger bags in department stores and boutiques; you can also find good deals online. If you want more information about the bags, you can do so by checking out reviews about the item.

Reviews are helpful in the sense that customers often pitch in their two cents about how they really feel about the product, whether it’s an item worth buying or not. This is particularly useful when shopping online, where you can’t get an in-person feel for the product before purchasing.

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