Eshow Men’s Small Canvas Crossbody Messenger Bag Review

Eshow Men's Small Canvas Crossbody Messenger Bag Review

For many people who think about messenger bags, the first thing that pops in their mind are leather ones. It’s true – leather messenger bags are considered by many as the “traditional” messenger bag, since these bags were carried by couriers of old and were usually made from leather.

However, messenger bags these days come in a wide selection of materials, from leather to canvas. In this review, we will be tackling Eshow’s Men’s Small Canvas Crossbody Messenger Bag.

Are you more of a canvas guy or a leather man? You may leave behind those stereotypes and think differently after this review!


  • Made from high-quality, durable cotton canvas
  • Has polyester cotton inner material
  • Has adjustable crossbody strap for easy carrying
  • Has 1 front pocket and 1 back pocket outside, 1 cell phone pocket, 1 key pocket and 1 zipped pocket inside
  • Measures 8.5” x 10.2” x 2.8”
  • Has PU leather embellishments
  • Features metal hardware


Messenger bags are often square or rectangular in shape. It has been that way ever since the bag style was first invented, because it was made to fit the items that couriers used to (and still) deliver.

Eventually, the messenger bag and its functionality became a popular choice among students and professionals of all kinds. Modern messenger bags are given hip and fashionable designs to merge with their usefulness, so bags like this one from Eshow work really complement a good selection of outfits and styles.

The Eshow Men’s Small Canvas Crossbody Messenger Bag is made with sturdy, high-quality cotton canvas. As we often discuss on the site, canvas is one of the preferred messenger bag materials, due to its lightweight nature.

Apart from that, canvas is a perfect choice for many creative people, since it is easy to customize. Many young people are into this material since it can be painted on, sprayed on with different patterns or designs, decorated with pins, patches, and appliques.

Canvas is a fun material that you can play with, and customizing a canvas messenger bag makes for a fun, wearable expression of your creativity.

Canvas can also be folded easily and is quite a durable and tough material that can last you a long time. It sometimes amazes me that a fabric this light can be this tough and resilient.

This Eshow model, in particular, has a nice canvas material that feels durable. Even if it is loaded with your stuff, carrying it around is easy. You will not be burdened by the weight, compared to other materials like leather.

The bag has a sufficient size that strikes a nice balance between too big and too small. It has adequate pockets for your items—the outer pockets are quite secure and its inner pockets include zippers, so the items will not spill out of it anytime.

Other than that, the bag has a nice, hip design; it fits well with your everyday outfits and office attire. Since it is made with canvas, it will also fit men with active lifestyles or those who travel. This is a bag on the go that makes for convenient carrying and secure stashing of daily essentials. I use a similar bag while traveling to keep all of my important items at hand.

For maintenance, wash it by hand with cold water and allow it to air dry completely before using again.


Canvas is a great material for messenger bags; however, be careful when packing it with your things. Make sure that you do not overfill it, since overloading will cause strain on the bag and can lead to lasting damage to its original form.

A material like leather will allow for a bit of stretching over time while still maintaining its initial form, but canvas can fray and weaken if you stretch it all out. Hence, you have to handle canvas bags with care.

Also, be careful about stains, because canvas messenger bags are not exactly stain resistant.

Some of you might not like the letters that are included on front of the bag. It is a mix of English and some Chinese characters. Others may dig the multiple languages. To each his own, I say. Furthermore, you should know that the zippers on the bag are not the standard book bag kind of zippers – rather, they have leather pulls that (I think) are stylish and go with the bag.


The Eshow Men’s Small Canvas Crossbody Messenger Bag will meet the demands of men who want a small canvas messenger bag. It is made with strong quality cotton canvas and has a sufficient number of pockets.

It will also fit a variety of tastes—it is casual enough that it can be used for everyday travels, and proper enough for office use. This is a good buy; we highly recommend this item to anyone looking for such a bag.

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