Excuses to Wear a Tuxedo – Looking formal in 2021

A tuxedo is considered classic formal wear. Whether it is a wedding or an anniversary dinner, you can wear it to all kinds of formal events. You can even make it work at meetings or casinos if you wish.

Of course, some occasions simply don’t call for a tux.

I remember when I got my first tuxedo stitched for the first time. It’s something that never got old, no matter how much I wore it.

My first tuxedo felt like armor, almost. I felt invincible after wearing it, and I did not want to take it off. I personally decided to stay in shape so that I could wear my tuxedo again for as long as possible.

So, for all you out there who are always looking for excuses to wear a tuxedo, here are just a few.

When do you wear a tuxedo?

What Events Require You to Wear a Tuxedo

There are very specific events that require a tuxedo. Generally speaking, formal occasions and parties that have a black tie requirement don’t require tuxedos, specifically. You can make do with a black suit, or even a dinner jacket. A suit can work at business meetings, as well, naturally.

However, the few places that a tux is required include a party at a fancy hotel or a wedding. Similarly, suits absolutely won’t do when it comes to special occasions, including weddings, anniversaries, and so on.

Other occasions that may require tuxedos include black tie charity balls and fundraisers. Again, these rules are simple guidelines at best and not set in stone.

You may very well wear a suit to any of the events mentioned earlier. But, if you want to stand out from others, a tux will, undoubtedly, look better.

When can you wear your tuxedo?

Excuses to Wear a Tuxedo

As I told you before, I won’t miss any excuse to wear a tuxedo, and I, fortunately, have plenty to choose from. Here are just a few excuses to wear a tuxedo that will work every single time:

Formal Events

Formal events include weddings, galas, even birthdays. If you’re going to a fancy hotel, a banquet, a meeting, or even a celebration for a promotion, wear a tux.

You can also wear it at charity functions, such as a fundraiser or a ball. Just make sure that you don’t overdo it. Wear a simple black bowtie and wear understated cufflinks.

Remember that you’re not trying to put on a show; you’re just trying to look your best. That is, unless it’s your wedding or celebration.

If all the eyes are meant to be on you, it’s better that you dazzle. Wear your best cufflinks, the most extravagant bowtie that you have, and get a new tux tailor-made. There’s just nothing like a tailor-made tux to make you feel like a new man.

Remember that any suit bought out of a store will never fit like a tailored suit will. That’s just a fact of life you should accept by now.

Wearing a tuxedo for a formal event


Parties can fall into two categories. You can go to formal parties for mergers or major openings. You can also be invited to parties that are costume-themed. For both, you can wear a tuxedo. You may have to get a bit innovative for a costume-themed party, but you can make do. You can either pull off the James Bond look or go for a completely outlandish character, like Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker.

Seriously though, there are a lot of things you can do with a tux at a costume party.


There are a lot of holidays where you can wear a tuxedo “in character.”

For example, Halloween can be used as one of the best excuses to wear a tuxedo. You can throw on a wig and put on a glove and some sunglasses and go as Michael Jackson.

You can also wear a tux on Valentine’s Day or your own birthday or someone else’s birthday.


If you have a date at a super fancy restaurant or are marking a special day, wear a tuxedo for it. It’s the classic attire for such special occasions.

Just make sure to get one stitched for that event. Never go for ready-made stuff when it comes to a special day. Your tailor will know far better what you need than a salesman at a high-end store.

Trust me on this. When you realize how much better you are with a tailored tux for a special day, you won’t go back.

Understanding when to wear your tuxedo

A brief history of the Tuxedo

The first time the tuxedo burst on to the scene was thanks to Prince Edward VII. He used it as an alternative to the tailcoat. He was the Prince of Wales then, and he made quite a few heads turn during the Autumn Ball at the Tuxedo Park.

Millionaire James Brown Potter, who owned Brown Bros. & Co., also helped popularize it in the late 19th century. He started wearing dinner jackets to formal events, and that’s how everyone started wearing them.

The tuxedo took America by storm in the early 20th century when it became formal wear. It was a much more prestigious formal wear than a suit. In fact, as suits became known for being formal wear for work, Tuxedos began to be considered prestigious.

The dip in the popularity of the tuxedo in the 1940s allowed suits to take over as the more common formal wear. Today, however, both are rarities.

Today, people prefer shirts and pants over full suits. Tuxedos are only considered suitable to wear at the most prestigious of events. However, that’s not an excuse for you not to wear it.

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