How to wear a messenger bag on a bike?

Riding around town on your bike is great way to get around and get some fresh air throughout your day.

How do you wear a messenger bag while riding a bike?Maybe you don’t need a car because you live in the big city or you live only a hop, skip, and a jump away from your job. But having your bag with you is essential.

A messenger bag is a great accessory to ride around with. Whether you’re carrying your important work documents or your laptop and some belongings, it’s essential that you know how to get around the right way to not only protect yourself, but also your bag.

In this article, we’re going to talk about some safe ways to ride around with your bag as well as:

  • Why a messenger bag may the best fit for your ride
  • Some do’s and don’ts of riding with your bag
  • Why people prefer a messenger bag to a backpack

So…why a Messenger Bag?

It’s a common misconception:

When it comes to riding a bike, one would think a messenger bag wouldn’t be practical.

The way it hangs by your side, one would expect it to slip and slide all over the place or maybe even cause an injury or two.

The fact of the matter is messenger bags are becoming increasingly popular in today’s world. They’re trendy, fashionable, and more professional looking than the average backpack.

It’s an age old image to have.

You can clearly see that classic picture in your mind of the paperboy with the satchel on his side with all the papers in his bag. Bags are convenient way to travel, especially when you’re traveling with documents of some kind. Your papers are rectangular and so is your bag, which was no happy accident in the design.

Riding a bike with a messenger bag - how to do it

If you’re debating whether you want a messenger bag or a backpack for your rides, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Security of your items
  • Ease of use and accessibility
  • Your personal health

In the end, it all comes down to personal preference and style options. We’re not trying to convince you to run out and buy a stylish messenger bag and scrap that backpack.

But for those of us that do carry some messenger bags because we like the look and feel then you’ve come to the right place for friendly advice and tips on how to travel in style!

So how do you wear a Messenger Bag on a bike?

So chances are that if you’re reading this, you’ve already made your mind up and went ahead with that stylish messenger bag and want to know how to properly ride your bike with your bag.

Biking with a messenger bag is becoming the preferred choice of commuters in this day and age for accessibility and functionality. Durability should also play a factor too, make sure to choose a bag with a sturdy material like leather or heavy canvas to prevent wear and tear.

If you’re in the working world, it’s likely that you have a messenger bag to carry those important documents or your laptop.

A survey taken with cyclists shows that many prefer the messenger bag to a backpack because of its ease of use. One cyclist stated “Got a backpack because I thought it would be less cumbersome, however, it’s not nearly as convenient or accessible. Messenger bag all the way!”

The ability to swing your bag around and grab what you need instead of having to take a backpack off is a great time saver to some as well.

Another great thing about biking with a messenger bag is the security of it. Your bag is always on your side and, in most cases, you’ll be able to bring your bag with you into most venues.

Accessibility is key, especially when you’re just getting to point A to B. Making sure your strap is adjusted at a right height and the bag rests neatly on you is important to not only maintain stability when riding, but make sure you’re not uncomfortable are getting dragged down.

Bike riding with a messenger bag - how to

Is it comfortable to ride like that?

Whether you’re riding with a backpack or a bag, it’s important to pack light so you don’t have that stress on your body.

With a messenger bag, one common thing to experience is shoulder pain and back pain because, if packed too heavy, the weight won’t be distributed evenly throughout your body. “If I’m commuting, I’m all about the messenger bag. I don’t pack it too heavy and I never find my shoulder feeling unduly stressed” stated one rider.

One big comfort-related issue to look out for is sweat.

Whether you’re pedaling lightly or you’re in a rush, you’re going to eventually sweat with that sun beating down on you. Having that messenger bag allows for proper ventilation throughout your body so you don’t end up at work a sweaty mess, especially on your back.

Another way that messenger bags make that ride more comfortable is that slouching isn’t any issue.

In that same survey mentioned above, most complained about how a backpack caused discomfort when riding with a helmet because their head kept hitting the top of the bag.

How to wear your messenger bag on a bike ride

So what should you do?

In the end, no matter whether you’re riding with a bag or backpack – comfort, safety, and your health should always play a key factor into your rides.

Riding with a messenger bag is easy and convenient and a great way to ride in style. There’s no denying the convenience that riding with one provides.

But you should always make sure you go with what’s comfortable for you and ride the proper way.

Of course, there are right ways and wrong ways to wear any sort of bag that can lead to some pretty nasty injuries or long term effects, specifically when it comes to your back.

The main point is to make sure that you don’t pack too heavy and start over exerting yourself. Always remember that you can look and be stylish while doing so.

Do messenger bags and bike riding mix?

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