Mfeo Unisex Lightweight Canvas Crossbody Shoulder Bag Review

Mfeo Unisex Lightweight Canvas Crossbody Shoulder Bag Review

Messenger bags have been the top choice of men because they make carrying heavier loads easier. They are also great bags to use for someone who is on-the-go, especially when commuting.

Messenger bags are different from other bags, because they have a unique look which can be versatile, always fashionable and, at the same time, highly functional. If you are tired of bulky backpacks that make you look like a kid, then maybe it is time for you to experience the benefits to form and function that a messenger bag can bring.

This review is of a great example of a messenger bag, the Mfeo Unisex Lightweight Canvas Crossbody Shoulder Bag. Learn more about the item by checking out the rest of our review.


  • Made with high-density cotton canvas material with leather accents
  • Measures 10.2” x 11”  x 3.6”
  • Includes 4 pockets overall: 1 main zipped, 1 back zipped, 1 front zipped and 1 inner zipped
  • Includes removable and adjustable shoulder strap
  • Can be worn slung over the shoulder or carried by hand
  • Recommended for work, school, and outdoor activities


Messenger bags come in a wide variety of styles and a lot of men (including me!) have chosen them as their bag of choice, due to their unique design and functionality.

You wear a messenger bag hanging down by your side or slung over the back. It usually comes in rectangular or square form; thus, traditionally it made a great carrier for items like letters, newspapers, magazines and any document that a courier usually delivered.

These days it can contain items from books, wallets, pouches, pens, mobile devices, and even laptops; there are available messenger bags that can accommodate laptops and they are padded well in order to protect the item.

If you are on the hunt for a great, small messenger bag, then this Mfeo Unisex Lightweight Canvas Crossbody Shoulder Bag is for you. The item has pockets inside and outside, and the bag has a size that perfectly hits the spot—it is not too big or too small.

It has a sufficiently thick inner layer and is well-constructed. You can fit small everyday items in it, from wallets to your mobile phone, and it will still have enough room for a bit more larger stuff inside.

The bag has plenty of pockets to satisfy the pocket-obsessed (and what messenger bag fan isn’t?. The pockets also have zippers included to contain everything; you won’t have to worry about your things falling out of the pocket.

The bag is made from high-quality canvas, so it is lightweight for carrying. One great thing about canvas bags is that even if you carry more items than usual, the bag itself will not make your load heavier. As someone who used to carry a Coach leather bag (a gift), I know how much that extra weight can be more of a burden. The things we put up with to look good, eh?

This is because leather is quite hefty, and if you fill a leather messenger bag with more stuff, it can get pretty heavy. So, if you want a simple messenger bag that’s a breeze to handle, this Mfeo model might just be the one for you.

The bag comes in several colors that you can coordinate with your office attire. It has a pretty versatile look—it looks good for both the office and outdoor activities. It is quite stylish and it does not have a juvenile appearance to it. It is suggested not only for professionals, it can be used by high school students and outdoor enthusiasts as well who want to step up their game from the usual backpack-wearing crowd.

Men who are very particular about style will be pleased with the design of this bag. The leather accents complete the look and add a nice dash of class to the whole ensemble.

Lastly, this bag can be used by either gender since it has a gender-neutral design. Men will not only enjoy using this bag, but women will also look great wearing this item, too.


The bag has its advantages, but it has its drawbacks as well. For one, the belt has been known to unbuckle at times, which can potentially be annoying. Second, the adjustable strap sometimes comes undone too. You can stitch it in place but it may ruin the overall look of the bag.


The Mfeo Unisex Lightweight Canvas Crossbody Shoulder Bag is a good choice for men who want a canvas messenger bag that has a utilitarian design and gives great comfort. It is lightweight, has a great build and is also nicely constructed.

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