Wrist accessories for guys – our picks

Want to express yourself through what you wear, but maybe your job doesn’t let you customize your clothes? Wrist accessories are the perfect way for guys to show off their personalities, even when restricted by the standard shirt-and-tie office uniform.

They’re great for informal settings too. Wrist accessories can add that little touch of flair to your casual clothes, spice up your outdoors outfits, and just project that extra element of style to your average apparel.

Your wrist accessory should say a little bit about you. It should reflect your outlook on life. We’ve selected three very different wrist accessories—each one saying something a little different about you.

Top Plaza Jewelry Men’s Gemstone Elastic Bracelet W/Gold Lion Head

This chic beaded bracelet just roars ultra-modern fashion statement. With its dominating lion’s head, this chic gemstone bracelet will appeal to the strong and courageous. Available in a pack of four, allowing you to swap freely between varying color schemes.


  • Diameter: 8mm
  • Material: Stone
  • Metal: Copper base
  • Elastic band: Yes


  • Stylish design looks good on the wrist
  • Various color schemes keep things interesting
  • Memorable lion head makes for a good conversation starter
  • Comes with a velvet jewelry pouch for safekeeping


Elastic, but might not fit smaller wrists


The bracelet is an elaborate and stylish design although the gemstone beads may not appeal to those who prefer their wrist accessories to be flat and smooth. Also, be sure that it will fit your wrist before buying.

Of course, if you’re not hugely enthusiastic about lions then this probably isn’t the accessory for you, but nevertheless, this is a striking and remarkable object to wear on your wrist.

Minimalist Brown Braided Leather Bracelet for Men

Simple, straightforward and sophisticated. This bracelet is masculine and businesslike.

The magnetic clasp takes no time at all to open and close—indicating to passers-by that its owner’s time is valuable. The genuine brown leather is slick and authentic. This is a bracelet for a guy who means business.


  • Length: 8.27”
  • Material: Leather
  • Metal: Stainless steel
  • Elasticated: No


  • Understated, minimalist design gives off a professional look
  • Easy-to-use magnetic clasp
  • Weighty and durable feel
  • Looks great with formal/business clothes


Cannot be resized so be sure that this bracelet will fit your wrist before purchasing


This is a no-nonsense bracelet for men: classy, über-masculine and therefore suitable even for those who wouldn’t normally wear bracelets. If you are looking for an inconspicuous wrist accessory that doesn’t yell out to everyone “Hey, look! I’m wearing a wrist accessory,” then this is the one for you.

This brown-braided leather bracelet is sold at a slightly higher price point than the other products reviewed. However, with this minimally greater investment comes the expensive genuine leather and fine styling.

This bracelet is suited for situations as wide ranging as a job interview to climbing a mountain; it is truly a versatile item, being discrete enough to fit any and all dress codes.

LOYALLOOK Stainless Steel Franco Chain Bracelet 

If you’re looking to make a statement with an edgy and bold wrist accessory, then this chain bracelet is perfect. The elegant real gold plating is shiny and showy. This is a real extrovert’s bracelet, combining class with brassy polished finish.


  • Length: 8.5”
  • Material: Leather
  • Metal: Stainless steel
  • Elasticated: No


  • Strong clasp indicates a high quality product
  • Elegant, classic design
  • Durable stainless steel construction
  • Classy Franco-style chain
  • Gold plating looks impressive


Heavy weight due to being made of metal could be a burden for some wearers


This is a bracelet which is intended to impress.

The clasp is both strong and quite prominent in the overall design scheme of the bracelet, being the only break from the rest of the Franco-style gold chain. The entire bracelet is gold-colored which, far from being monotonous, lends the design a solid cohesion. Just bear in mind that you might need a strong personality to carry off the exuberant styling of this wrist accessory—it is a big, bold and heavy object to carry around on your wrist.


The ideal wrist accessory for you is a matter of personal opinion. Ultimately, the one you choose should say something about you and your individual personality.

Of the bracelets reviewed here, the most usable by anyone on a day-to-day basis would have to be the Minimalist Brown Braided Leather Bracelet as it is lightweight and suitable for pretty much any social situation.

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