Plambag Small Canvas Messenger Bag Review

Plambag Small Canvas Messenger Bag Review

Looking for a good casual bag made from canvas that can store your essentials? Then the messenger type bag is the one you need. Messenger bags come in a wide variety of materials, not only canvas, so you have a number of great selections to choose from.

You can purchase a canvas messenger bag for your outdoor activities and choose a leather messenger bag for the office. Canvas bags are a good choice for many men due to their quality, durability, and “rugged” appearance.

Plambag’s Small Canvas Messenger Bag is something that you have to check out in case you want a great option for a canvas messenger bag. Read on for more information about the product.


  • Made from high-quality, strong, eco-friendly canvas
  • Has zipper closure
  • Has 2 main zipped compartments: one has 1 mesh pocket and 1 zipped pocket; another can accommodate Kindle or iPad; has 2 front-zipped pockets with 6 card slots and 1 back-zipped pocket
  • Has adjustable shoulder straps for more comfort
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Measures 8.7” x 4.7” x 10.6”
  • Weighs around 1.3 lbs.


This bag has a “manly” and professional look about it, so you can use it as a daily business carry for the office. It is designed with plenty of different-sized pockets. The primary pocket is as wide as the bag. Like standard messenger bags, this bag has a big flap that stretches over the bag’s front.

This Plambag model also features a zipped back pocket for easier organization, apart from its main compartment. You can store your cellphone in the back pocket, as well as other smaller items that you often reach for.

The Plambag Small Canvas Messenger Bag is made with high-quality canvas, and as we all know, canvas is a good choice for men. It is also an eco-friendly material so it is always a top choice the environmentally conscious.

Furthermore, canvas is a nice material to play with in terms of creativity. The material is a hit with the creative crowd—you can customize canvas messenger bags if you want the bag to reflect your personality or ingenuity.

Your imaginative spark will no less be fired up with such a material, since design possibilities with the item are endless. You can paint on it with fabric-friendly paints or spray-paint it with graphics you like. If you do not want permanent graphics on it, you can decorate it with pins. You can sew or glue appliques or patches on it, as well.

This model’s size is enough to contain your basic essentials, from your wallets down to your smartphone. It is well-made and has decent stitching that will not fray with normal use.

It is made with great materials; the canvas feels sturdy and the bag is lightweight. That is a great thing about canvas bags—they may be lightweight, but they are durable and can last a long time if you take care of them properly.

The bag is roomy enough for a small carrier, and it has plenty of pockets to satisfy consumers who are after a nice variety of storage space. The strap has a nice, strong feel to it; the fabric it was made from has a thick feel to it, as well.

Additionally, this bag has two compartments situated in the back, where you can stash items that you often need to get to. The zippers on the bag perform well, as expected. The built-in wallet-like compartment located under the flap is a nice touch that many owners will appreciate. It also has a convenient key chain clip.

As for cleaning and maintenance, this bag is machine-washable, which is good news for those who do not like the idea of hand washing their bag (not my favorite activity).  You have to wash it in clean water in standard temperature; never use hot water and never with alkaline detergents. You must hang it to dry and keep in well-aired spots away from sun exposure.

To avoid staining of the fabric, this item should be washed separately.


The Plambag messenger bag has a lot going for it, for sure. However, the card slots that were meant to hold IDs and credit cards in a horizontal manner were sometimes too narrow to hold such items. Ditto for the back slots, which were too sunken for credit cards and similar items.


The Plambag Small Canvas Messenger Bag is a good buy for those who want a small canvas bag with plenty of pockets. However, if you are on the search for a messenger bag that has wallet-like pockets for credit cards and IDs, this might not be the one for you.

Still a good buy though, due to its excellent, thick material, a good number of pockets and great bag design.

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