Qipi Messenger Bag for Men & Women Review

Qipi Messenger Bag for Men & Women Review

Do you like traveling to different places? If you’re like me (a digital nomad), then a messenger bag is a great bag to use when you’re out and about during these trips. It will help keep your most important belongings safe with you as you take them on the journey, rather than relying on your easily-robbed pockets or non-stylish cargo pants.

But we all know that the search for a good messenger bag, can be confusing due to the sheer number of models available to you.

If you need one for work, traveling, or outdoor activities, you can hit up reviews for the item to narrow down your choices, either on this site or on Amazon. Let’s start by checking out the Qipi Messenger Bag for Men and Women.


  • Has lots of pocket for easier organization: 1 main compartment with 2 padded gadget layers, 2 front pockets, 2 document holders and 1 organizer
  • Has classic, gender-neutral design made from quality fabric
  • Incudes SVS zippers
  • Has protective 15” laptop compartment
  • Has adjustable shoulder strap and padded handle
  • Weighs 1.61 lbs.
  • Measures 16” x 11” x 4.5”
  • Backed by 6-month warranty
  • Has friendly customer service


The messenger bag was once used by couriers, and today, it has been updated to become one of the choice bags for all sexes and for a wide variety of uses. It’s functional and hip, capable of containing your stuff, while at the same time keeping everything safe and tucked inside.

For the messenger bag newbies, these bags are generally made with a strap that goes over the shoulder of the user, which goes over the body’s middle part and spreads to meet the bag’s bottom. Messenger bags usually employ features that make them ideal for biking, commuting, and other “on the move” activities.

The most important feature of a messenger bag for comfort and functionality, according to bag experts, is the shoulder strap. This Qipi messenger bag has an adjustable strap which makes it convenient for carrying and wearing.

This Qipi model has a sleeker feel compared to a regular backpack and some of the more “classic” looking messenger bags. Like most good messenger bags, it is capable of containing all of your essentials for work or school.

Also, this bag is made from nylon; thus, it’s water resistant. This makes it convenient to carry around during unpredictable weather conditions. The item is stylish (would I post one that isn’t?) and has a utilitarian design that will suit the office and school settings. However, it is also a perfect bag for the outdoors, since it has water-resistant properties.

The Qipi is a functional messenger bag that is a great alternative for backpacks and briefcases. If you think backpacks are too rugged and briefcases too formal and stiff, then a messenger bag like this model from Qipi is your best bet as a “middle ground.”

With a messenger bag, you can accomplish a distinctive look while acquiring functionality and accessibility that you cannot achieve with a backpack. It has the purposes of a briefcase but it’s more convenient for men who travel by cycling or on foot.

This is a lightweight bag and at first, it appears hefty due to its size, but it is quite a breeze to carry (depending on what you stuff it with, of course). The bag, in fact, has plenty of compartments so users can keep books, documents, and other assorted items in it.

The flap is closed by means of Velcro. This means that you won’t be hassled by dealing with unwieldy buckles or snaps. It is also pretty affordable, compared to related bags. It has a solid adjustable strap which functions excellently, and it is comfortable on the shoulder.

What’s more, it is a messenger bag that can accommodate laptops up to 15”; it is secure enough to curb any impact that may damage the laptop.


The Qipi messenger bag is altogether good in terms of quality materials, however it has some drawbacks that you may have to deal with. The strap carry handle feels somewhat weak, and some of the smaller pockets could benefit from being a tad bigger.

Furthermore, the shoulder strap’s fastenings do not turn, meaning it can be a challenge to undo them while you are moving about. It can be annoying particularly if you have to read an important letter or document while in transit, and you have to deal with opening the flap just to access its internal compartment.

While Velcro closures have their benefits, a messenger bag that is stuffed with items will not work well with it, since Velcro tends to pop open, leading to items spilling out of the bag (yikes!).


The Qipi Messenger Bag for Men & Womenis a good messenger bag. However, if you are very particular about the size of pockets, you may have to look for another bag; some of you might find the pockets on this bag too small for your liking.

It has quality nylon material and Velcro fastenings. A good buy, but not for those who like their pockets bigger and different finish and fastenings.

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