Fossil Men’s Estate East-West Messenger Bag Review

If you have a higher budget for a bag and you want to make sure that you get something of a high quality, bag is made out of genuine leather, which is partially why it has a higher price tag. The bag comes in two eye-appealing colors including cognac as well as a dark brown design.

Built for comfort

This bag is built to be comfortable, even when you are forced to wear it over a long period of time. A handle is available on the unit if you don’t want to wear it over your shoulder. You will also like the fact that the shoulder strap is adjustable and comfortable to wear. The bag is great for storage purposes as it is made 100 percent from leather. It is more than capable of keeping your personal belongings safe from damage as long as you are being somewhat considerate of the valuables that you have within.

This bag is pretty much one color throughout, and has metal accents that are of a different shade than that of the actual bag. The leather is very eye appealing, especially when combined with the gold accents. Don’t be surprised that you turn a few heads when you are out and about and using this great Fossil bag.

To allow you to be able to store and organize all of your personal things, this bag has many different compartments in its design. You will find that there is one interior compartment with a zipper in case you want something super secure. There are four interior pockets without zippers, a card slot, as well as three exterior pockets that you can use to store the things you want easy access to.

Like many luxury brands on the market, this bag is an imported design, which is another reason that it is more expensive than its competitors on the market. The unit is very well reinforced using a variety of leather straps and accessories throughout various parts of the bag, in order to make the design as durable as possible.

Business or casual?

This bag is designed to be used when you are in a business environment, however it is more than capable of being used casually as well. The nice thing about leather is that it pretty much looks good no matter what you are wearing. In addition to that, leather is one of the most durable materials for bags, which is why it is the main material that is used in luxury bags.

This bag is built to be lightweight in design, yet it is durable enough to be able to hold heavy personal items that you might have. The unit has a front-flap design, which uses two push lock straps on it in order to keep your contents secure.

Fossil quality

The nice thing about this bag, is that it is made from a well-known, established company. You can trust that you are getting a genuine product and that your money isn’t going to waste, when you are buying from Fossil.

Fossil is an American-based watch company that also makes bags. This company prides itself in creating quality products to be used for travel and daily expeditions. The company is known well for their products, enough to be able to charge a premium price tag on them. The company has been around since 1954, but for good reason, as Fossil continues to make quality products to this day.

Caring for your bag

If you buy a leather bag and you want it to last you for an extremely long length of time, just be aware that you are going to have to take care of the leather on the bag. Buying and using good quality leather conditioner and cleaner is important if you want your leather to have the same shine years down the road as when you first bought it. These products do cost money, but they are essential if you want to have a bag that lasts for a long time.


One of the main complaints about this bag, is the fact the buckles on the bag aren’t of the best quality. They simple have a piece of metal that goes through a hole in the leather in order for the buckle to stay properly in place. The nice thing about this mechanism is that it doesn’t come undone easily, but it is rather flimsy and if you aren’t careful with your bag you may end up damaging the bag or the mechanism when you do up the buckle.

This bag is large enough to be able to hold smaller laptops, depending on the size. The bag measures 4” by 16” by 12”. This weight is just 3.6 pounds, which isn’t very heavy for such a durable leather design. The good thing about a bag that has a bit of weight to it, is that it is more capable of being able to be able to carry heavier things. The bag can hold a laptop that is between 13” and 15” in length and it is capable of holding other items at the same time thanks to the various compartments.


If you can afford this Fossil Men’s Messenger Bag, you certainly won’t be disappointed a few months down the road; this bag is built to last you for many years. Fossil takes pride in their work and the features in this bag are all designed so that they are strong and won’t break through daily use. This is truly a great bag, and if you can afford the price tag, it you won’t regret it.

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