Rothco Army Messenger Bag – Review

Versatility on a budget

If you have a moderate to low budget for a bag, this bag comes in an eye-appealing brown color and is made out of a cotton canvas material that is both comfortable to wear, as well as durable in design. The bag has a nice carrying strap, even though it may not have as much padding as others on the market, it definitely isn’t uncomfortable to wear; this is largely due to the fact that the carrying strap is 2” wide, allowing for the weight to disperse more evenly over your body.

What’s great about this bag?

One of the best things about this unit is that it has an option to come with a 2-year accident protection warranty at the checkout. This bag is a relatively low price to begin with, but with this affordable warranty option available, it really makes this bag a great deal. Considering that this is designed without a logo and the fact that it is made to look vintage, it can be hard to beat.

The bag sizes up at 15” by 11” by 6”. This may not be among the largest bags on the market, but it is a reasonable size to hold your belongings, so long as you don’t plan to take anything large like a laptop. This size is ideal for something like a daily work commute or if you are going on a trip and want to bring a few snacks along with you.

You will find that this bag has a main compartment, as well as an interior zippered pocket in case you want to keep things more secure. There are also three exterior pockets on this bag, so that you can have easy access to things that you need. This bag is more than capable of holding heavy items without the fabric tearing, and it allows you to carry around heavier items with much less strain on your body than some other bags on the market.

Lightweight and useful

The unit is very lightweight in design considering just how durable it is. There are a lot of benefits to having a lightweight bag; you will be able to pack more things inside of it before it becomes too heavy for you. Additionally, a lightweight bag such as this one where there isn’t a lot of metal in the design, will have thicker material, and therefore, it will be less prone to things like ripping and tearing when the product is put under pressure or graced by a sharp object.

One very cool thing about this bag is that is built in a way that it can be used by any sex and not seem as though it is out of place; the use of plain colors and the simplistic design make this a possibility. The product is structurally sound and uses both metal supports as well as extra fabric in areas that need to be reinforced within the bag. A lot of bags on the market avoid the use of metal in their design, as it adds weight, and is often seen as not very eye appealing. This unit does a very good job with integrating metal into its design as it allows the unit to be able to have more durability and it really doesn’t sacrifice much in the way of looks.

One of the best things available with this unit is the warranty; if you are willing to spend a bit extra at checkout, you can get a 2-year accident protection warranty and with that, some peace of mind with your purchase. It is really nice to know that the manufacturer offers an extra warranty, even if you choose not to purchase it. This is due to the fact that the manufacturer is willing to stand behind the durability of their product for that length of time. Generally speaking if the manufacturer is willing to put a warranty on their product, they expect their product to last at least that long without developing defects.

Some possible downsides

It is important to note, this may not be the best unit for fitness activities. The bag is durable enough for it, but it doesn’t have big enough pockets on the exterior of the bag to be able to hold water bottles and shakes that you likely need for your workout. There are definitely larger bags on the market, but this one is a pretty decent size and should be able to hold enough things for you to be able to go on a short trip or for your daily excursions.

The flap on this unit is held down by Velcro, which may wear out over time. However, as long as you aren’t going in and out of your bag all of the time, it should last a long time. The unit doesn’t have any zippers, which is nice in a way because the fabric won’t get caught and rip. It doesn’t make it quite as secure without the use of zippers, but it does allow you to have easy access to all of your personal items. Since this bag has a relatively open design, it is always important to think about the things that you are storing within it; you wouldn’t want to have something expensive slide out because the Velcro didn’t hold up to the weight, which is definitely something that could occur if you aren’t careful.


Overall, the Rothco Army Messenger Bag is truly a great bag for the low cost that it is. It is hard to find something that is this large and that looks this stylish. Since this bag is large enough to hold a laptop, it can easily be used in a professional or a casual environment. This is a great bag and definitely one that you should consider purchasing if you have a low budget and you want a bag that is going to last you for a long time.

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