Sweetbriar Classic Messenger Bag Review

Sweetbriar Classic Messenger Bag Review

Whenever people think of messenger bags, they always refer to the leather ones that were used by bike messengers in olden days. These messengers toted the bag over their shoulder and carried the mail and packages to inhabitants in their areas.

These days, the messenger bag is still the top choice among men who want something functional and stylish that they can use every day. The item has lots of advantages and, if you have a hard time looking for a messenger bag that will suit you, you can start reading about the workings of Sweetbriar’s Classic Messenger Bag.


  • Sufficiently big padded laptop compartment to protect laptops sized up to 15.6 inches
  • Slide-and-snap clasps located at front for faster access to the main compartment
  • Grab-and-go handle located at top rear
  • Length-adjustable wrist strap
  • Metal top zipper and efficient snap buttons on front pockets
  • Made from thick, durable 100 percent cotton canvas


The Classic from Sweetbriar has a good size and structure, which makes it a popular choice for many men. Its rectangular form makes it recommended for everyday usage; you can use it to carry documents, books, and important items like laptops.

Since the bag has enough padding, it guarantees that your laptop will be protected from impacts. Your essentials can be kept and accessed in this bag easily.

The bag is also made from high-quality genuine cotton canvas. One of the material’s biggest benefits is that it can be customized by the user. That is why canvas messenger bags are often a hit for young men and school kids. Canvas messenger bags are also the top picks of creative folk.

There are young men who love having their friends tag their names on the bag, draw on it or add items like patches or pins. Even if customization or personalization it is not really your cup of tea, canvas messenger bags still come in a good selection of designs and colors.

Canvas as a material for bags is another benefit. The Classic Messenger Bag is lightweight and it is capable of folding nicely. Even though canvas is lightweight, it is still sturdy and durable.

However, you have to keep in mind not to overload your canvas messenger bag though, because it can wear the material down.

Now, this model is a well-constructed item that is suitable for several uses. It makes for a nice grab-and-go bag inside the house, school, the office or your car.

The front has two pockets on it, which are displayed when users open the bag. It does not have any zippers or closure devices which might put off others.

However, this kind of setup is a matter of personal preference. Some might be into it while others might consider it a setback.

One advantage of this setup is that, as soon as you stuff those pockets with items, they will be noticeable right away. This could be improved, though, by the company for users with differing tastes. They could offer models with open and zipped pockets.

The bag offers plenty of space so that, in fact, you can store two laptops in it, if laptops are your only everyday essential. This is great for the function it was built for and is bigger compared to similar bags.

The shoulder strap is padded excellently and is comfortable to wear. The design it was given was a plus as well, it looks great and will add a touch of style to your regular attire.


One of the major drawbacks of a canvas bag is the problem with stains. Modern messenger bags are usually stain-resistant; however, it is still recommended that, with bags like this one from Sweetbriar, you have to do your best to prevent such accidents from happening.

It would also be good if the closures were made up of other items like actual zippers instead of Velcro.


The Sweetbriar Classic Messenger Bag is a nice buy for a canvas bag. Plus, it comes at a price that you cannot resist. It has decent features for its price and it allows for lots of space, not only for your everyday items but laptops as well.

It has a great design that will provide users with style points and has a comfortable, reliable shoulder strap.

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