The Best EDC Lockpick Set [Top Picks Reviewed!]

Nothing ruins a day like a locked door.

Regardless of whether you’ve locked yourself out of your house or your car, it’s never any fun to wait around for hours for a locksmith to come by and help you out.

Especially when you could just do it yourself.

That’s why it’s a great idea to carry around an EDC lockpick set! Although most EDC lockpick sets are too large to fit in your pocket, there are several that will fit in a backpack or purse.

In this post, I’ll take a look at some of our top rated choices for different budget ranges.

The best edc lockpick set - how do you choose one?

Best Overall – the Happy Hooker EDC lockpick set

The Happy Hooker’s name says it all–you’ll be very happy with these hooks (or maybe it’s referring to something else…)

The Happy Hooker’s lockpicks are made of stainless steel alloy, come in varying thicknesses, and include 6 picks and 8 tension tools.

While they cost a bit more, that’s because it’s a high quality set that’s made to stay in your EDC kit for a long, long time while functioning at peak efficiency.


  • Stainless steel alloy means your lockpicks are built to last long!
  • 3 picks come in .018” and 1 hook in .015”, meaning you’ll be able to fit into the narrowest keyways.
  • All handles are cross-hatched to provide optimal grip.


  • The price point is over double of any other kit on this list, making it less accessible.
  • The nylon kit isn’t as durable as the leather cases provided by other brands.

Picking the best lockpicks for your EDC

Mid Level Kits – For those with a mid-range budget

GSP Ghost Lock Pick Set

The GSP Ghost Lock Pick Set combines simplicity with quality craftsmanship to provide top of the line lockpicking tools.

It contains 6 handled lockpicks, 6 tension wrenches, and a pry bar as well for top of keyway tensioning.

The GSP Ghost Lock Pick Set includes:

  • Short Hook
  • Deep Hook
  • The City Rake
  • The Peterson Reach
  • The Bogota
  • Pry Bar
  • Tension Wrenches


  • The lockpicks are made of stainless steel alloy, meaning they will last longer than regular carbon steel picks.
  • The lockpicks are .025” thick, meaning they’re flexible and guaranteed to fit into narrow keyways.
  • Plastic handles are fitted onto the end of the picks, resulting in increased feedback and a more comfortable grip.
  • The lockpicks are rounded so that no sharp edges catch and provide misleading feedback during lockpicking.


Users who want to tackle more uncommon locks will need a separate kit.

Talon Lock Pick Set

The Talon Lock Pick Set is a great choice for mid-level enthusiasts who are trying to save a bit of money on their kit.

The Talon Lock Pick Set includes 5 lockpicks, a nylon carrying case, and a 6 piece tension toolset, making this a very versatile and portable kit.

The Talon Lock Pick Set includes:

  • The Double Rake
  • Hook 1
  • Hooked Diamond
  • Bogie 1
  • Bogie 2
  • 6 piece tension tool set


  • The price is cheaper than the GSP Ghost Lock Pick Set, making this a more accessible kit.
  • This kit is extremely portable, making it a great option as an EDC kit.


  • The picks are made of carbon steel, meaning they won’t last as long as the stainless steel alloy. However, the kit is available in government steel, which is of a higher quality.
  • The nylon carrying case isn’t as robust as other brand’s leather carrying cases.

How to pick a great set of everyday carry lockpicks

Entry Level EDC lockpick sets

Our entry level kits are great for the beginner lockpick enthusiast! Entry level kits are extremely affordable while still offering the best amount of bang for your buck.

Serenity Picks

Serenity Picks provides the perfect blend of stylish, but affordable quality.

They’re made of flat .6mm steel to provide detailed feedback and come with 10 core pieces that will help you pick most common locks that come your way!

Serenity Picks include:

  • Classic Slimline Wrench
  • Pry-Bar Wrench
  • Half diamond Pick
  • Angled Reach Ball Pick
  • Bogota rake
  • Curved Reach Ball Pick
  • High Hook Pick
  • Swerve Rake
  • Prince Rake
  • Princess Rake


  • The pricing for this kit is very affordable, making it perfect for beginners to start out with.
  • It comes with a leather carrying case that makes transporting your kit nice and easy.
  • The steel build ensures that these lockpicks will last you a while!
  • The flat .6mm steel provides maximum feedback so you know what’s happening in the lock.


  • Some edges on the locks may need to be rounded to provide the optimal user experience.
  • Tighter keyways may need thinner lockpicks.

The SouthOrd PXS-14

The SouthOrd brand is a staple within the lockpicking community and the PXS-14 is their oldest and top bestselling kit!

The PXS-14 kit comes with 9 lockpicks as well as a leather zippered carrying case.


  • It comes with 9 steel lockpicks.
  • It includes 9 textured slide-on grips so the picks don’t slip in your hands.
  • A broken key extractor is included.
  • 4 tension tools are included, which is handy in case one breaks.\It comes with a durable leather zippered case.


  • The locks are a little thicker, making them less flexible.
  • The slide-on grips can be difficult to fit onto the picks.

Which EDC lockpick set should you choose?

What to look for when buying an EDC lockpick set

However, before you buy, make sure you know what to look for!

When buying a lockpick set, there are a few things you should take into account, such as:

Narrow Picks: Although there will be lockpicks of varying size within your set, you want to aim for the slimmest ones you can find. A slimmer pick means you’ll have more room to work with when picking a lock.

Buy Affordable, But Quality: Starting out with a cheaper kit is a good way to kickstart your lockpicking adventures! When learning how to pick locks, it’s all too easy to apply too much pressure and break your pick.

Getting a cheaper kit will allow you to practice your skills without breaking bank if one of your picks should break.

Additionally, you can pick up a great set of practice locks, like this one from Curious Smith, that also comes with an instructional book. That way you can learn in a visual way with clear locks that show you exactly what’s going on in the inner workings of the lock.

Variety Is Always A Good Thing: In addition to buying a standard lockpick kit, it’s also a good idea to purchase a kit with picks designed for more uncommon locks. You never know when you’ll encounter a foreign lock and it’s always a good thing to expand your skill set!

Conclusion – ready to start picking?

There you have it, folks!

There’s no doubt that having a lockpick set will come in handy someday. Make sure you’re always prepared by keeping 1 of these kits on you as an everyday carry!

Got another suggestion? Leave it in the comments below.

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  1. Hey Dylan,

    Great post! I’ve used the PXS-14 (didn’t like the quality of the tension tools) and the GSP set (much higher quality) and found them both to work equally well. In the end, whether you go with Peterson or Southord is really just personal preference.

    Have you seen this EDC lock pick set on Kickstarter? They’ve got a great looking handle design, and I’m excited to give them a shot.


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