The best Men’s Summer Style blog posts – 2017

Given the wealth of men’s fashion blogs on the internet today, there is simply no excuse for any man to look less than sharp at all times. Each of these blogs is overflowing with style tips and advice!

Looking sharp doesn’t equate to spending ridiculous amounts of money. Instead, it’s about making smart purchasing decisions based on the abundance of fashion advice freely available online. The modern man today has a high degree of fashion awareness, and regularly draws on some of these amazing blogs for inspiration. Here, we have put together just a few of the very best men’s summer style blog posts from 2017 so you can allow yourself to be inspired.

Stay on top of trends

Fashion Beans is a quality blog for the fashion forward man and is regularly updated with high-quality content. This recent post outlining the 8 major men’s style trends from the spring/summer 2017 collections is both comprehensive and informative. You’ll have a ton of info to draw from. The post highlights trends, such as colorful and printed short sleeved shirts, blinding flashes of white and a slew of slogan t-shirts. With this great info, this quality blog once again proved its credentials as a commanding voice on the very cutting edge of men’s fashion.

Third Looks is an alternative men’s fashion blog with an ultra-cool and contemporary feel. It regularly features quality articles like this one, which focuses on summer style trends for men. With its heavy emphasis on premium content combined with visually stunning images which really make an impact, it should be regularly consulted as a quality source of style inspiration for any fashion forward man.

Four Pins is a visually impressive and really informative men’s fashion blog site which regularly uploads high quality and diverse content. Here Steve Dool writes eloquently and knowledgably about Virgil Abloh’s Spring Summer 2018 collection with an undeniable and impressive depth of knowledge. We see from this blog that for men, white once again dominates alongside some occasional flashes of print and color. This is a really high-quality blog which certainly knows its fashion, but which always maintains a real sense of fun.

Fun summer style info

He Spoke Style is an entertaining and sleek men’s fashion blog which regularly posts interesting and diverse content including this informative history of aviator sunglasses. Men who really like to understand the origins of fashion will see the appeal of this super-streamlined site. It also has regular lifestyle and fashion features.

The Men’s Style section of the New York Times has quickly established it as another real authority on men’s fashion. This entertaining piece on the growing appeal of the “Dad look” of a tucked in T-shirt perfectly illustrates this site’s balance between quality and fun content. This summer trend for men they attribute in part to the current wave of 90s nostalgia that currently dominates the fashion world, as well as the influence of 1950s stars such as Marlon Brando. Whatever the source of inspiration, it appears that this ultra-classic look is not going to be abandoned any time soon.

Readers of The Gentleman Blogger will quickly realize the author’s love of a well-cut suit and this post on men’s summer style strongly illustrates his overall knowledge of and passion for men’s fashion. This is yet another men’s fashion blogger who highlighted the beautiful simplicity of white for the stylish modern man and to reiterate that point was himself photographed in a dazzling and brilliant Boss suit. This is a talented and passionate blogger who constantly reminds the reader of the enduring appeal of classic and understated men’s style.

Quick summer style tips

What My Boyfriend Wore is a super quirky and entertaining blog. This post detailing 10 style tips to use every day is particularly useful and informative reminding us that quality is always key and that fashion should be always enjoyed. This site is visually stunning and full of great fashion tips and tricks that will be appreciated by any style-conscious man.

This selection of great men’s summer style blog posts highlights the diversity of content that exists today among men’s fashion bloggers. No longer the preserve of women, these talented and super-stylish male bloggers remind us that fashion is both fun and for everyone. Always remember – every man can look his best all summer (and all year round) if he chooses to follow a few simple style rules.

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