The Importance of a Messenger Bag in a Man’s Wardrobe

The Importance of a Messenger Bag in a Man’s Wardrobe

Messenger bags are the type of bags that are often used by couriers to deliver items from one place to another. The standard messenger bag features a shoulder strap, so messengers can put them on across their bodies.

The bag typically dangles by the side of the user or they are slung on the back. They come in rectangular or square shapes and can accommodate many types of items from letters, thicker sheaves of paper, envelopes, leaflets or any item carried by the courier.

It generally has a sizable front flap that can be closed with buckles or a Velcro strip; some bags for working messengers even have reflectors on them for safety reasons.

Messenger bags are awesome accessories that have plenty of advantages and are dripping with style. They have ample room for your stuff, have some excellent designs, and some are even waterproof for more rugged usage.

They allow you to display your good taste. However, some may still be wondering – are messenger bags cool?

To begin, there are those who are into backpacks and they are particularly wary of switching over to messenger bags. In this article, we are going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the messenger bag.


Messenger bags are more professional looking compared to backpacks

If you work in an office environment, you may be required to carry your laptop each time you commute to and from work. The messenger bag is actually the better choice for this because when it comes to functionality and design, it has all the aspects that office workers need.

It is often as roomy as a standard-sized backpack, and many models are specifically made to contain laptops. They have additional padding in the laptop section, which makes it safer for these valuable electronics to be toted around.

They are more convenient and are “access friendly”

If you are always on the go, you need a bag that provides great accessibility. A messenger bag is designed with many pockets and internal compartments, so getting your items and stashing them inside is made easier than having to take off and reach into a backpack. This convenience factor alone makes a messenger bag the winner, in my opinion. Along with the general style upgrade that messenger bags give, the ability to grab and go without unslinging the bag is the reason I go messenger.


Provides less stability

Messenger bags can be a bit awkward at times when walking or biking. If the bag you acquired has a shoulder strap that has poor grip, then chances are it will slip off of your shoulders every now and then. Proper strap adjustment can alleviate this, depending on your day to day usage needs.

If you carry lots of heavy items every day, it can become pretty uncomfortable. With a backpack, you will be able to manage weight distribution well. So in case you do not want a backpack, you need a messenger bag that has stabilizing padding on the strap. I’ve moved from a MacBook Air to a Surface Pro, and only take the necessities to the office in order to minimize weight.

Might not be comfortable for longer trips

If your daily commute takes long and you tote your laptop on a daily basis, a messenger bag might be something you have to mull over first. The messenger bag dangles low on your back so it might be uncomfortable; it may throw you a bit off-balance as well if the bag is stuffed with a lot of items.

Hence, if you are going on a longer trip, you can opt for a backpack. Messenger bags are more ideal for shorter trips. However, for something like airplane travel, where you want just a few things for your carry on (laptop, phone, chargers, maybe a snack), a messenger bag is perfect.


So are messenger bags cool despite their negative points? Do you really need one in your life? Yes, of course you do! You probably wouldn’t have come to this site if you weren’t already thinking about getting a messenger bag.

If you want to show an air of professionalism at work, you have to use a messenger bag to do the job. Messenger bags, especially those made from leather, give off a proper air so they are more suitable for office settings.

Backpacks often have a casual look so they are not versatile, style-wise. Backpacks are okay for high school and university (even that is questionable), but if you are a professional, you’d better opt for a messenger bag. I’ll be doing some features soon about professional versus casual bags, with some examples of each for different budgets.

If you want a messenger bag and you worry about the comfort factor, get one with stabilizing padding. This feature will level up your comfort and make the experience with a messenger bag comfortable for you.

Messenger bags come in a good range of designs, sizes, and materials so you will be left with lots of selection, and it will not be hard for you to find something you like. If you want to get your items quickly, and without any hassle, then you need a messenger bag.

Individuals love their bags and benefit from the features they are provided with. Backpacks have their own pros and cons, but if you feel a messenger bag provides more benefits compared to any other bag out there, go with it! What are you waiting for?

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