Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Bag Review

Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Bag Review

Messenger bags are recommended for men who want a functional yet fashionable accessory. You can find them anywhere; even high-fashion brands now have them.

The Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Bag is a popular choice for lots of guys, due to the fact that it has a nice array of features. For more information about these features, read the entire article now.


  • Made from 100% genuine polyethylene
  • Includes organizer for phones, pens, and other small items inside
  • Has internal water bottle pocket
  • Has matching strap pad
  • Has adjustable shoulder strap with permanent air mesh strap pad
  • Includes slightly hidden flap buckles with bottom compression straps for safe closure
  • Has waterproof TPU liner
  • Flap corners crease into position for great weatherproofing
  • Has brand’s Double-Loop cam buckle for quick and easy fit and adjustment


This classic messenger bag from Timbuk2 seems sturdy and is composed of a variety of strong fabrics. It has a single-handed strap system which can be adjusted fast, according to your choice of carrying.

The whole system also facilitates easier removal, even when the bag’s contents are heavy. The bag has the company’s double loop cam buckle system, which uses a 3:1 pulley setup that lets users set the strap to the precise length they prefer.

The strap system is very adaptable and so simple to modify. It is great and the company use a super convenient adjusting system that is not bothersome and is quite easy to use.

The bag does not have outer pockets or pouches and you can only keep your items inside the bag. But there is a pocket that can be used whenever the flap is down or the bag stays on your back.

You can keep smaller items on it like cell phones or keys. Next to it is a zipped, horizontal pocket that has a lengthy key lanyard. It has a size that will fit items from wallets, cards or keys.

Situated behind it is an open pocket which has a similar size. Each and every storage unit inside the bag is balanced evenly which makes it a well-constructed and designed bag.

Inside the main section is a bigger, zipped pocket which is big enough to fit a standard book. Inside it are two writing item sleeves, which can fit two pens, and on either side of these sleeves are vertical pockets that are roomy enough for a smartphone.

Positioned on every side are sleeves for water bottles, which are narrow and can fit coffee mugs and water bottles at best. The straps of the flap swathe straight beneath the bag and it also helps the bag condense to the smallest size fast.

The bag is stylish due to its sleek and streamlined design and is available in ten colors. The colors come from earthy neutrals to fresh and trendy ones. The company also offers customizations for this model although you have to spend a bit more for it.

The bag does not have any obvious seams and pockets in it so it looks neat and sophisticated. It has great weather resistance as well, since it is composed of two individual materials, the materials being polyester or nylon fabric plus a waterproof TPU liner fabric.


If you want your messenger bags to have external pockets, you may have to look for other models since this one does not have any. In addition, the bag is not designed to carry laptops. It does have a sleeve located on the back which can fit a Macbook.

However, it’s not guaranteed that the sleeve will keep that fragile electronic equipment safe, thus it is suggested that you put the laptop in a separate sleeve instead. The sleeve does not have any padding on it which would secure the safety of your laptop from impacts. The bag does have a padding but it’s only located on the inside.


The Timbuk2 Classic messenger bag does lack a place where you can safely stash your laptop but, if you are not planning on carrying your laptop in it, this bag is a great buy with an accompanying great price. If you are after style, then this bag will meet your demands. It’s packed with excellent features and will bring lots of value for your money.

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